Become a Test Center

Turn your adult education or community center into an official GED® testing location in your area.

Managing Your Test Center

Need how-to guides to help with test administration and program support? We’ve got what you need right here.

Administration Policies

Access policy manuals that contain rules and regulations for administering the GED test and detailed procedures for administering computer-based testing.

Testing in Corrections

Special rules apply to GED testing in correctional facilities, and they can vary by state and location. Here’s what you need to know to administer the GED test in your correctional facility.

Test Accommodations

We are committed to ensuring access to the GED test for all individuals with disabilities. Test accommodations are individualized and considered on a case-by-case basis. Students can request an accommodation prior to scheduling their test.

Online Proctored GED Test

The Online Proctored GED Test offers learners the opportunity to complete the GED test subjects from home or a remote location; while securely monitored by an online proctor.