Online Proctored GED Test


DW: Text explaining what OP is and why OP test was created. Note about moving out of pilot on 9/1. List benefits of why students choose OP 

Participating States 

Policy Comparison

See How the GED Online Proctored Test Works

Technical Requirements

Text: Importance of running system test. 

Link to OnVUE technical specifications for organizations – we want to link to theirs so we don’t have to copy/update as they make changes CB: get link from VUE 

Link to website to check up/down speeds of internet connection CB: link  

Link to System Test pdf walk through with possible fail points and how to troubleshoot or video showing failure points in system test *include full pdf or video walk through? Full pdf – send to Danielle for review 

Preparing Your Students

Intro about how to help students prep for OP test and that all of these resources are also in their GED account. CB: Reported benefits and other considerations when deciding Text or 2 column table showing pros/cons of in person vs OP testing (I.e. math onscreen whiteboard vs physical whiteboard), benefits stated by students, etc.? 

CBT tutorial 

Calculator tutorial 

Whiteboard video 

Link to whiteboard practice 

Scratchpad SS & info 

Exam rules & Proctor Communications (create new PDF for content) CB: write content 

Prepare Testing Space CB: write content likely new pdf 


Is the OP test offered in Spanish?
 Yes. All subjects of the GED test are available in Spanish as well as English. In addition the Spanish test taker’s OP test experience is completely translated, from system testing, scheduling, check-in, and interactions with their online proctor on test day.  
Are testing accommodations available on the OP test?
Yes. Once a student is approved for testing accommodations, they can choose to schedule their test either in a test center or online.