GED Direct™

Easily buy and assign tests directly to your students

A New Management Tool

As an educator, you can purchase GED Ready practice tests, In-Person GED tests, and Online Proctored GED tests through the GED Direct eCommerce feature within GED Manager. Directly assign these tests to your students. See FAQ below.

How It Works

Purchase in GED Manager

Buy as many GED Readys as you need and receive our educator discount. Buy GED tests for online or in-person testing. All you need is a GED Manager account.

Assign and Share With Ease

Once purchased, you can easily assign tests to your students or share them with other educators in your program. You can also unassign and reuse unused tests to different students.

Manage Your Purchases

Your GED Direct dashboard displays assigned and shared tests. “Manage Assignments” allows you to see the status of each assigned test and adjust as needed, along with order history.

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GED Direct is great! This is a much more streamlined way to handle GED testing, 
especially with the “new normal” of today.

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You can buy the official GED Ready® practice test, the In-Person GED test and the Online Proctored GED test (depending on your jurisdiction) for your students. Purchasing Bulk Orders | GED Direct FAQs
Yes – for bulk purchases ($700 or more) you can pay with check-by-mail/ACH. Additionally, you can link your GED Manager account to your already established Pearson VUE Credit Terms (Line of Credit account), you can use your Line of Credit for bulk purchases ($700 or more). Please note: Check/ACH order processing may take as long as 2 weeks from the day you mail your check to fulfill your order and receive your GED Readys in GED Manager, and Line of Credit order processing may take 2 – 5 business days to fulfill your order and receive your GED Readys in GED Manager.
They don’t! Since you are not buying vouchers, but actual tests, they don’t expire. The test is only activated once you assign it to your student. If your student is not going to take the GED test in a timely manner, you can unassign it from that student and it will go back into your account.
There is no technical solution for adding voucher codes to GED Manager. Previously purchased GED vouchers will have to be used in the traditional way.
Tell your student to login to their account and they will see a notice on their home page that a GED test was assigned to them. They can launch the GED Ready test directly from that activity card or schedule their GED In-Person test or Online Proctored test. They can also access their assigned test from Notifications in the upper right corner of their account. If they click on the little red number they will see their notifications including the assigned GED test.
If your student has not launched their GED Ready test yet, you can unassign it from them and it will go back into your account for reassignment to another a student. Go to Manage GED Readys and click “unassign” next to the student’s name.
If your facility is set up as a VUE Testing Center and you usually schedule your students through VUE’s RegMan, you are delivering GED tests through a different platform and GED Direct will not meet your needs. The GED Ready practice test sold through GED Direct is the test that is launched from the student’s personal account and delivered over the internet.
Yes. Simply share access to your purchased GED tests with your fellow teacher using their GED Manager email address. Click Share on your dashboard and enter the teacher’s email address. This will create a group of teachers who can now assign the purchased GED tests. Add as many teachers to your group as needed. Your dashboard will update to show how many tests you have assigned as well as the tests other teachers in your group have assigned.