GEDWorks™ is the official GED® program for employers to sponsor their employees to earn their GED® credential. Employees get all the tools they need to pass the GED® test at no cost to them. They can earn their GED® diploma while remaining in their jobs, and companies benefit from workers with improved skills and higher retention rates.

Participating Employees Get

  • Free testing and prep covered by their employer
  • Unlimited access to study materials, practice tests and tests
  • Hands-on instruction they need from your adult education center while receiving GEDWorks™ benefits

Adult Education Programs Also Benefit from GEDWorks™

  • You get a new pipeline of students with support from their local employer
  • Your students don’t have to worry about the cost of the test, practice tests, or study materials

How to Get Involved


Make Students Aware of GEDWorks™

  • See if any of your students work for a participating employer and explain the benefits of the program
  • Students must identify their employer when registering to be eligible for the program
  • Give them materials to tell their coworkers about GEDWorks™ and local prep classes at your center

Connect with Local GEDWorks™ Employers

  • Talk to local stores about GEDWorks™ and how it helps their business
  • Explain how GEDWorks™ and prep classes work side-by-side to best prepare students
  • Be mindful that stores might have a no-solicitation policy
  • Click here to see a list of participating companies.