College Readiness

Being college ready is more important today than ever. The vast majority of new jobs being created in the next 20 years will require certificates and degrees beyond a high school credential, and GED® graduates need to be in a strong position to compete with traditional high school graduates.

The results are in, and they show that GED® grads are better prepared than ever for education and training programs. Since 2014 a higher percentage of GED® graduates are attending college programs, are enrolling more quickly, and they’re succeeding.


of GED grads enrolled in a college certificate or degree program within three years


do so within one year of earning a GED credential


persist by re-enrolling from one semester to the next - compared to 29% before 2014

About GED® College Ready and GED® College Ready + Credit:

The GED®College Ready (CR) and GED® College Ready + Credit (CR+) score levels were created to help move students more quickly into and through college certificate and degree programs. Based on recommendations from the ACE Credit® program -- the same program that backs CLEP and Advanced Placement (AP) -- students scoring at these levels have demonstrated readiness to enter credit-bearing classes, and some have even demonstrated college-level skills and knowledge.

GED® College Ready:
Students who score 165-174 (on any test subject) should qualify for waivers from developmental education course and from applicable placement testing. These scores are equivalent to the top 9-27% of the national average of graduating high school seniors.

GED® College Ready + Credit:
Students who score 175-200 (on any test subject) have demonstrated skills that could qualify them for college credit. These scores are equivalent to the top 1-8% of the national average of graduating high school seniors.