GED Complete™

GED Complete™

Official International GED Tutoring Program

$80 per month
You will be billed in your local currency by SK Education Solutions (Pty) Ltd the authorized operators of GED Complete™.
Not available in the U.S. or South Africa.


GED Complete™ is a unique, hands-on program proven to help international students achieve their high school equivalency. With comprehensive learning resources, virtual group lessons, customized mentoring support, and a flexible online setting, you’ll have the tools you need to achieve your GED® credential.

What's included:

Personal GED Coach

We guide you through each step of your GED journey.

Weekly Live Lessons

Live online lessons every week with an experienced GED Online Virtual Tutor.

Comprehensive Study Guides

World-class GED approved online course for each subject.

Weekly Study Schedule

Structured weekly study timetable to keep you on-track.

Study Groups

Dedicated study chat groups to ensure you are fully supported.

Official Practice Tests*

We have included one Official Practice Test Voucher (mock exam) per subject to ensure your readiness to write.

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What’s included with your purchase:

    12-month subscription

    Essential Education’s GED Academy™ Learning Material

    Dedicated study chat group

   Weekly online group live lessons with an experienced GED tutor

    Detailed weekly study schedule

    Weekly online lesson timetable

    Small learning groups

Registrations are open throughout the year. A new study group of students will start each month.

Excludes the GED® test fees and ordering of GED credential.


By purchasing the GED Complete™, you understand that in order to use the GED Complete™, you will be signing up with SK Education Solutions (Pty) Ltd in South Africa as the authorized operators of GED Complete™.

FAQs about GED Complete™

You can enroll online by clicking on the Enroll Now button.
Registrations are open throughout the year. A new study group of students will start each month.
All you need is a reliable internet connection and a laptop or tablet to study.
You must be at least 16 years old to enroll. You can work through all the online learning, and start writing exams when you turn 17 or 18, depending on your country’s GED testing age policy.
There is a 3-month minimum commitment. You may cancel at any time after three (3) months.
No, the fee does not include GED test fees.
We will never hold a student back as long as we can see that the student understands the work and is not just rushing to get through the work.
Students can carry on with the online learning into the next year, however, we will allocate you into a new group that is more or less at your same level.
This is a personal preference. Students are welcome to have their videos on, however, the tutor will share their screen with the group showing the resources being covered.
All sessions are recorded and loaded onto an online learning platform where students can access all their group’s lesson recordings as well as all resources that were discussed in each lesson.
Students work on one subject at a time. Should you be ready to write your test at the end of that particular subject’s block, you can then book and write immediately. Should a student still need more test preparation, the student will move on to the next subject before booking for a test, as students will acquire additional skills with each subject that will benefit them overall.
GED Complete is not currently available to students who are based in the United States and South Africa. Alternatively, U.S.-based students may purchase GED Plus, a similar program to GED Complete. South African students have access to Learnalot, the SA version of GED Complete.

*Only when your assigned tutor believes you are ready will they provide one Official Practice Test Voucher per subject to ensure your readiness to write.