Scheduling the GED® Test

A jurisdiction is a country or several countries that have particular testing policies and requirements for students testing in that geographic area.

Every jurisdiction has its own test policy. Find your country or jurisdiction policy from here

Please do not register a second profile as your profile will be blocked, and you will not be able to schedule exams. Email and explain that you no longer have access to that email account. In the email you need to include the following information: · Name and Surname · The old email address · ID Number · Certified copy of ID

Eligibility Alerts occur because you have created more than one account. The GED will need to merge these accounts. You must email directly and provide them with your name, GED ID number and a scanned copy of your ID, and request that your accounts are merged into one.

Age Alerts occur because you are under the age of 18, irrespective of your jurisdiction's testing age. You must download the consent form from your account. Your parent or legal guardian must complete it and then you must scan and email it to

Several international jurisdictions require students to pass the GED® Ready test with a minimum score of 145 before being able to schedule the GED® test. Find your jurisdiction's policy on . Scoring green on the GED Ready test means you are likely to pass your GED test.

· From your GED student portal, click on your appointment to schedule. You will be prompted to select the test subject, date and time, as well as location where you prefer to test. Testing availability may be limited, so we encourage you to expand your ideals, as necessary.

· Alternatively, you can book through the GED Support line. See for the regional contact details.

· If your test appointment is within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment, you may reschedule via your student portal without forfeiting your testing fee. In your profile, click on the appointment on your dashboard in the home page and reschedule.

· Alternatively, you can reschedule your test by calling the GED Support line. See for the regional contact details.

· You may cancel your scheduled test appointment within 24 hours without forfeiting your testing fee from your student portal. In your profile, select your appointment and click cancel.

· Alternatively, you can cancel your test by calling the GED Support line. See for the regional contact details.