Can You Take the GED Test Online?

If you’re getting ready to take the GED test, the internet has a wealth of resources to help you prepare. You may be wondering if you can also take the GED test online. 

In short, no, you cannot take the GED test online. The GED test must be taken at a physical test center on a computer, where there is a proctor on site to monitor all test takers and ensure all protocol is followed.

Fortunately, you can use the internet as a tool to help you prepare for the GED test. Keep reading for ideas on things you can do to study, prepare, and even schedule your test with the help of online tools.

1. Take Online Practice Tests

Online practices tests are an important way to identify your strengths and weaknesses. These online tests will help you know what to study and get you familiar with the GED testing process. You’ll feel more confident on testing day if you’ve taken several practice tests. We recommend taking more than one if you want to measure your progress. If your practice score continues to improve, you’ll know your study habits are effective.

2. Enroll in an Online GED Preparation Course

Once you’ve taken some practice tests online and know what you need to study, an online GED preparation course can help you better understand the material. These online courses feature top-rated Kaplan instructors who can guide you through the subjects and help you feel confident and prepared for the GED. You can complete the courses at your own pace and watch them from the convenience of your home computer. 

3. Schedule Your GED Test Online

After careful study, it’s time to take the GED test. Even though you cannot take the GED test online, can schedule your test online. We recommend scheduling your GED test when you feel confident about your abilities. If you’ve taken a practice test and earned a passing score, you should feel ready to take the next step and schedule your GED test. The online portal allows you to select a day and time at a test center nearby.

Start Preparing for the GED Today

If you’re ready to start preparing for the GED test, GED Testing Service can help. Our GED preparation courses allow you to choose the right learning environment to suit your needs, whether you prefer a traditional classroom or convenient online option. We have a variety of courses that will help you to better your future.


  1. A student has been approved for testing accommodations. Will his GED practice test load the accommodations extra time as well?

    1. Hi Margie, thanks for reaching out! The only accommodation that students can get on the practice test is extra time and they must call in and speak to a GED scheduling agent to have it manually added to the order. Also, a student does not have to be approved for accommodations to ask for the extra time on the Ready exams. For further questions please email:

  2. i went to a local college and put in the hrs for a ged i studied all the subjects when i took the test i didn’t finish enough of the problems for /////english so i was to take it again i get upset when i am timed and we were timed when my husband picked me up at cpcc he cursed me out because i was to slow on finishing i never went back to retake english test i am now going to be 80 this year i want so much before i dito get my ged can u help me ?

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