Can You Take the GED Test Online?

Updated September 16, 2020

Check out our new Online Testing webpage to find out everything you need to know about the Online Proctored GED test and if you’re eligible.

In the past, the GED test was not available online and could only be taken on a computer at a physical test center with an on-site proctor that monitors all test takers. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we now have an online testing option for eligible students in participating states. You may qualify to test online based on several requirements including what state you live in, if you scored green on GED Ready or whether testing centers are opened.

We launched online testing in May 2020 as a pilot program, which was rolled out in phases. During the first phase, students in the following categories received an email inviting them to sign up to test online:

  • In-person test appointments have been canceled
  • 3 of 4 test subjects have already been passed
  • GED Ready “Green” score has been achieved within the past 60 days
  • Essential cases per individual states

The pilot is still ongoing and some eligibility requirements have changed. More information about current requirements for testing can be found on our Online Testing webpage.

Students taking the GED tests online are monitored by an online proctor, which is similar to what they would find at a physical test center.

Prior to this online proctored pilot, you could not earn your GED credential through any method other than in-person testing at an authorized center. Please be aware of fraudulent websites that advertise taking the GED test online or offer a diploma for a fee. The official online proctored GED test can only be taken through GED Testing Service at

If you’re getting ready to take the GED test, the internet has a wealth of resources to help you prepare.

Keep reading for ideas on things you can do to study, prepare, and even schedule your test with the help of online tools.

1. Take Online Practice Tests

Online practice tests are an important way to identify your strengths and weaknesses. These online tests will help you know what to study and get you familiar with the GED testing process. 

  • Feel more confident on testing day if you’ve taken several practice tests 
  • Try taking more than one if you want to measure your progress 
  • As your practice score continues to improve, you’ll know your study habits are effective

2. Interactive Practice Questions On-the-go

GED Flash is a mobile-friendly practice tool that will help you master the exact concepts you’ll need to know to pass the GED test:

  • Thousands of interactive questions just like the ones on the real test
  • Instant step-by-step explanations to understand each answer
  • Study wherever and whenever you want with easy access from any device
  • Zero in on the exact skills you need to pass by practicing a few minutes at a time 

3. Enroll in an Online GED Preparation Course

Once you’ve taken some practice tests online and know what you need to study, an online GED preparation course can help you better understand the material. 

  • GED Live features top-rated Kaplan instructors who can guide you through each subject
  • Complete the courses at your own pace from the comfort of home
  • Recorded sessions are available on demand if you miss a live lesson 

4. Schedule Your GED Test Online

After careful study, it’s time to take the GED test. If your test center is open you can schedule your test online. We recommend scheduling your GED test when you feel confident about your abilities. If you’ve taken a practice test and earned a passing score, you should feel ready to take the next step and schedule your GED test. The online portal allows you to select a day and time at a test center nearby.

Start Preparing for the GED Today

If you’re ready to start preparing for the GED test, GED Testing Service can help. Our GED preparation courses allow you to choose the right learning environment to suit your needs, whether you prefer a traditional classroom or a convenient online option. We have a variety of courses that will help you to better your future.


  1. I need a phone contact number to schedule a preparan for the GED test,or preparativos courses. thanks.

    1. Hi Magaly! Please call 1-877-EXAM-GED (877-392-6433) for more information on scheduling your test.

          1. Can i take practice ged test for free online because i have Medicaid and I able to take the ged test online because I’m very disabled and weelchair bound and i live in florida thanks melissa Coleman

          2. Hi Melissa. Unfortunately, the practice test cannot be discounted at this time. Thank you!

        1. I am not an American and I work from Iraq, Baghdad which is far away from my home in Africa (Uganda) I take like a year to get back home but i would like to study and get a GED online. Is it possible?

        1. Hi Sandra! You can get started by creating a free account at From there you’ll be able to get everything you need from study materials to scheduling your tests. Thanks!

    2. Hiii.I wannna do ged courses through online ….which website is very helpful to take a ged class

  2. Hi my daughter is in Indonesia right now…where is the nearest center that we could take the GED exam?

    thank you

  3. A student has been approved for testing accommodations. Will his GED practice test load the accommodations extra time as well?

    1. Hi Margie, thanks for reaching out! The only accommodation that students can get on the practice test is extra time and they must call in and speak to a GED scheduling agent to have it manually added to the order. Also, a student does not have to be approved for accommodations to ask for the extra time on the Ready exams. For further questions please email:

  4. i went to a local college and put in the hrs for a ged i studied all the subjects when i took the test i didn’t finish enough of the problems for /////english so i was to take it again i get upset when i am timed and we were timed when my husband picked me up at cpcc he cursed me out because i was to slow on finishing i never went back to retake english test i am now going to be 80 this year i want so much before i dito get my ged can u help me ?

  5. Hello my name is Antonio I am 39 I was diagnosed with M.S. “Multiple Sclerosis” and I am no longer able to sit at a desk is there any other options for me being able to do it at home would be best is there No option

    1. Hi Roger! Currently, we do offer testing online but please stay tuned for any new information regarding this.

  6. I take like to take this test if possible if you a test part do I just take that part over and pay the cost just for that part?

    1. Hi Irene! Yes, when you take the GED test you will pay for each subject test individually unless you decide to take them all at once. In that case you would pay for them all at once.

    1. Hi Jean! Currently, we do not offer the GED test online. However, we will update you if that changes so stay tuned! In the meantime we are offering free and discounted study tools. Please visit for more info on how to keep studying!

    1. Hi Manuel! You can get started by creating a free account at Once you’ve done that you’ll find all of the information you’ll need to get started!

  7. How can I take test at home due to everything being shit down cause of cov 19 is there any way it’s possible to take the real test at home

    1. Hi Markita! Currently, we do not offer the GED test online. However, we will update you if that changes. In the meantime we are offering free and discounted study tools. Please visit for more info on how to keep studying!

  8. How can I take test at home due to everything being shut down cause of cov 19 is there any way it’s possible to take the real test at home

    1. Hi Nikole! Currently, we do not offer the GED test online. However, we will update you if that changes. In the meantime we are offering free and discounted study tools. Please visit for more info on how to keep studying!

  9. so since there is no open testing centers how will i be able to take my test and still make it to college for fall semester

    1. Hi Anna! Currently, we do not offer the GED test online. However, we will update you if that changes. In the meantime we are offering free and discounted study tools. Please visit for more info on how to keep studying! We will also contact you when test centers are open again.

  10. Hi, I am excited to say that I finally want to get my GED , due to the pandemic going on, how is it possible? Why can’t Pa take online GED test? Other states allow it, and I feel it’s unfair that we can’t when there are so many people doing online college and young kids doing online home school, just wondering why Pennsylvania won’t allow. It would be so convenient for a lot of people, considering a lot of factors. Having young kids and this virus. Please allow us to!!!
    If people can do online courses to become drs why can’t we do this GED

    1. Hi Brandi! We understand that not being able to test right now may be disappointing but we are working to find ways to offer the GED test that meet state guidelines and orders. We will keep you posted if/when information changes. Thank you!

  11. Hello
    With all the adult schools closed in my area and recently being laid off of work. I was hoping to utilize this time and apply for my GED. Please let me know how I can apply or move forward with this.

    Thank you in advance

    1. Hi Fernando! You can get started by creating a free account at From there you can get access to all of the study tools you’ll need. Please email if you have further questions!

  12. Are they going to make the GED available to take online Proxy since schools are closed for the remainder of the physical year, and libraries aren’t open as well?

    1. Hi Lincoln! We understand that not being able to test right now may be disappointing but we are working to find ways to offer the GED test that meet state guidelines and orders. We will keep you posted if/when information changes. Thank you!

  13. Hello, will we be able to take the Ged online in Alabama due to the coronavirus so that we can start school in the fall? It would be so convenient for the parents that have to stay home with there kids due to schools been close. Is it true that we may be able to test from home around the middle of May?

    1. Hi Natasha! We understand that not being able to test right now may be disappointing but we are working to find ways to offer the GED test that meet state guidelines and orders. We will keep you posted if/when information changes. Thank you!

    1. Hi, I have a child who is home school since the 9th grade and now my child is 16. Will be child be able to take the GED test by law? If kindly advise which form to fill out and who to reach out to before taking the test?

  14. My daughter completed home school however the college she was accepted to is requiring her to take GED test despite us having the home school affidavit which is notarized. she needs to complete the GED before August 1st and all testing sites are closed, if the county schools and colleges can be online why is this not an option for the GED test? Many students are now being affected by this situation and their ability to start college in the fall is in danger. My daughter will lose her acceptance and all scholarships if this process is not completed.

  15. Feeling very discouraged. I have been studying very hard for my ged exam and there is no where I can take it ? Not even online? It feels unfair when my brother gets to take his online college test/exams and I am stuck here not being able to get any education. Please please figure something out for the exam to be taken. I would love to finally get it!!

  16. Inquiring about ability to take rest on line! Covid19. Has done enough! It has managed to take away, enough! We need control back… Please Please Please! Make it so we can take the test on line. Thank you, in advance

  17. I’m wondering if Michigan is going to follow suit with the GED testing. Other states are providing home testing so people can receive their GED so they can register for online classes for college in the fall. If so where I can I sign up at. Thank you

  18. There should be a way we can take the GED test online during the Covid19 in Chicago. Is there some type a way it can be setup to take it at home during these times

  19. I am a testing center and I am open I’m Michigan. Is Michigan offering online testing from home? A student missed her test today and she is asking me to release her test so she can take her tests from home. I have not heard of this but what do I know I have only been doing this for 5 years..

  20. I am trying to see how you can go about and getting someone in a GED class so he can take the Exam at the end

  21. Can I take my GED online sense all offices are closed? I haven’t been able to locate where it is on the cite however I received an email saying I can take it online

  22. I would like to take the GED test, but because of the pandemic there’s only testing until September. I would like to take the test now so I can start my CNA classes.

  23. Hi .
    Can i revalidate my high school diploma.?
    I made it in México !
    What can i do?

    1. Hi Eriberto. You can check to see if the state you live in validates your Mexican high school diploma. If not, you should consider taking the GED so you have an accredited diploma!

    1. Hi Leslie. Yes, the cost of the GED depends on the state you’re testing in.

  24. Hi, I just want to ask you if I can take GED test online, but I live in Canada. Thank you

    1. Hi Giovanni. Unfortunately we do not offer the online test in Canada. Thank you!

  25. Hello, I passed all the practice test in all subjects, and I also Know as I passed green I qualify for scheduled an online test. What should I do?

    1. Hi Celso! You should be eligible for online testing if you passed the GED Ready practice test. There will be a notification in your student account when you are able to schedule.

  26. Are Washington State residents able to test online. My God son needs his GED and all of the college’s are closed for GED testing because of covid. They are only offering a highschool 21 online like class which we are not interested in. PRAYING you can help us.

    1. Hi Danna! Yes, you can test online in the state of Washington. All your godson will need to do is pass the GED Ready practice test and then he’ll be eligible to test online. He’ll receive a notification in his student account!

  27. In Chicago Illinois, the Adult GED testing centers are closed until further notice. So my question is, can Illinois adults take the GED online through

    1. Hi, yes Illinois participates in online testing. You need to pass the GED Ready practice test before being eligible to test online.

  28. Our state DMV that produces the Drivers license and ID cards does not have appointments available until 2021 to get and ID card. I am 18 and would like to take the GED online. How can I take the online testing, without and ID?

    1. Hi Kay! We’re actively working with the state of Texas on a solution to this problem. We will keep you updated as this progresses!

  29. I need to do classes and testing at home I have anxiety and I have panic attacks arou.d people i want to get my GED at home. But it’s hard in North Carolina can yall help me

    1. Hi Jayme. Currently, the state of Ohio is not offering online testing. We’re so sorry for the inconvenience.

    1. Hi Sonia! Unfortunately the GED is not offered in the state of New York. You can contact the state department though to find the best option for you. Thank you!

  30. When will the cutoff be for online testing in Texas?? I have one more to take and finished!

    What happens if I have three out of 4 done and then they cut it off? Will I have to start all over in the in person testing???

    1. Hi Jeff! Online testing will not be ending so you will be fine! All you need to do is pass your last GED Ready practice test and then you can take your final test online.

    1. Hi Brenda! Once you schedule a test you’ll need to log in and start 30 minutes before the test starts. There you’ll meet the proctor who has been assigned to you. You will not need to find someone to proctor your test.

    1. Hi Audrey! Students in South Carolina must get approval from their state’s GED office before taking an online test. Contact the SC state GED office for details and approval at or (803) 734-8071.

    1. Hi Juan. Unfortunately we’re not offering the online test in Mexico currently. There may be some testing centers open though, which you can find by scheduling your test.

      1. one last question when I travel to the united states in a few months. can I use my IFE that is issued by the mexican gov to vote as my ID to take the ged test in the united states.

  31. Hello…I see Montana does not offer an online Ged test. What can I do about that and who can I call to complain.

    1. Hi Jake! Unfortunately Montana does not offer the GED test at all. You’ll need to contact your state department to find out the high school equivalency test they do offer. Thanks!

  32. Hi, i live in Italy now am i able to test online?
    I really want to get the GED diploma, what should i do?

    1. Hi Thidamat! Unfortunately, you cannot take the GED online internationally. Thank you!

  33. My name is shalewa, I’m from nigeria please am i able to test online? I really want to get the GED diploma, what should i do?

  34. Hey, I’m interested in taking the GED online, I live in New York which doesn’t have the GED as an option but at the moment I’m in Florida which does have GED online available as an option so I was wondering if I could take the exam out of state while in Florida online even though my ID is from NewYork and NewYork does not meet the requirements for GED testing.

    1. Hi Angelica. Florida does not have a residency requirement if you’re older than 18. If you’re younger than 18 then they do require you to be a resident as you would need special permission to take the test.

  35. Can I take the test from my computer at home? I don’t really feel safe going to a testing center.

    1. Hi Tracey. Unfortunately, Indiana does not offer the GED test at all. We suggest contacting your state to see what high school equivalency options they offer.

    1. Hi Menyonett. Start by creating a free account at From there you’ll find out everything you need to know about studying, tools that will help you pass and the actual test. Email for any further questions!

  36. Hi I’m esther from Mississippi I’ve schedule to take my test today at 4:45 pm I did the system an everything went well,but when it was time for me to take test I see nothing coming up on bvb the screen for me to begin my test,I need help on what is wrong..

    1. Hi Jason. If you’re taking the test at a test center a computer will be provided.

  37. Hi my name is Hailee, i live in Missouri and i want to take the GED test online, am i able to do that?

    1. Hi Hailee. Unfortunately the state of Missouri does not offer the GED test.

  38. I am a resident of Alabama but am currently in Lebanon. Would I be eligible for the online GED option?

    1. Hi Jadyn. Unfortunately if you’re currently located internationally you cannot take the GED test online.

  39. I am nervous to be in a public setting sue to being an asthmatic, IS it possible for me to take the GED test online in Fredonia, New York?

    1. Hi Jowan. Unfortunately the state of New York does not accept the GED. Thank you!

    1. Hi Elizabeth. Unforuntately the state of New York does not offer the GED. Thank you!

  40. Hi my son lives in P.C. Florida and is interested in getting his GED. How do we find out if he is eligible? Is there a number I can call, because I’m not tech savvy.

  41. why every time I try to purchase a subject. This error appear, “missing or invalid parameter.” Am been trying for so many days already. I just can not take my ged test online, because this problem.

  42. I am 17 years old, I live in California and a Junior in High school, are there any specific requirements that I need to match to be eligible to take the test? And would I withdraw from my current school to study for the tests?

  43. Hi I’m a Florida resident. can I take the online GED while I’m on vacation in New York?

    1. Hi FM! Unfortunately the GED test is not available in the state of New York. We suggest contacting your state to figure out what high school equivalency test they offer.

  44. Hi, I had some technical trouble today before even my test paper was issued. They said that they couldn’t see my video recording and that it was stuck. However I could see my self in the video recording on my laptop. I’ve taken 2 GED exam previously online and have not had this problem. The person that interacted with me gave me a case number to call the customer care and report it. Since it’s Sunday today I have to wait till Monday to reach out to them. Meanwhile I’ve sent a email to to report it. When I try reschedule now it’s not allowing me. It says I have a appointment already. Can someone explain or help if you have faced similar issues. Appreciate any input/advice. Thank you

  45. Hey I am in Iraq and I need my GED I lived in Louisville Kentucky before I moved back, could I still get my GED

  46. Im in miami fl and i was wondering if i can take the official test from home and how would that work if so

  47. You guys failed a child for a non distraction. That is ridiculous, a door accidentally opens and the child gets exempted even though it was immediately closed. How can you guys do that .. He won’t even be able to check his score

  48. Hello, I am an American citizen but i live in the Philippines. I am able to take the Ged in person in a test center but it is a pain to get there. Am I able to take it online through a certain state that does not require me to be a resident in the state or can anyone take the online test?

    1. Hi, unfortunately you have to be a resident of the state to take it online. Students living internationally are unable to do so.

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