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GED Ready®

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Build the confidence you need to pass the GED test.

See exactly what you need to study and what to expect on test day.

Questions just like the ones on the real test.

The GED Ready is written and designed by the creators of the actual exam. No other practice test is as perfectly aligned.

The only practice test that tells you how you’ll do.

When you finish the GED Ready practice test, you’ll receive an indicator of how likely you are to pass the real thing.
Likely to Pass (145-200)
You’re likely to pass, schedule right away!
Too Close to Call (134-144)
You’re almost ready, just a little more practice.
Not Likely to Pass (100-133)
You’ll want to spend more time preparing. Save time by focusing only on what you need to learn.

Save time on GED prep with the custom study plan.

Use the custom study plan with your preferred study tool to spend time specifically on areas you need to improve. It even points you to exact chapters and pages to save time.

GED Ready Custom Study Plan

The GED Ready [practice test] stands out as a very useful tool. It helped determine when I was ready to test, the types of questions I had to look forward to, and also showed me what I needed to study.

- Jacob, GED graduate

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FAQs about the GED Ready Practice Test

How long is the online GED practice test?
GED Ready is half the length of the real test and is timed, just like the real thing. For most accurate scoring, we recommend taking the practice test in one sitting. You can take one subject at a time or all four in a row.
How many times can I take it?
You can take the practice test one time per purchase. You can buy as many GED Ready practice tests as you'd like. There are multiple versions of the test, so you won't repeat the same questions.
How do I take it?
You can take the GED Ready practice test using a computer or laptop. This helps you to become familiar with how the actual GED test will look and feel at a test center. Mobile devices are not currently supported for this reason.
Are all GED test subjects included?
You can purchase each subject individually or purchase the bundle for all four: Math, Reasoning through Language Arts, Social Studies and Science.
How can I access GED Ready after I buy it?
You’ll need to create or log into your account to start your practice test.
Is this a printable GED practice test?
The results that tell you exactly what to study are printable, but the actual test is not. If you are studying with a teacher, you can print your results to go over them together.
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