The GED Ready® Practice Test

The GED Ready® practice test is $6.99 per subject, or $22.99 for all subjects (Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies).

Buy the GED Ready Practice Test®

Yes. To buy large quantities of GED Ready® practice tests, you can purchase vouchers. Each voucher can be redeemed for one GED Ready® practice test (one subject). You can disperse the vouchers to anyone, and they will choose the subject when they redeem the voucher.

Visit GED Marketplace and click 'Practice Tests' to order in bulk.

If you are an Educator with GED Manager access you may want to learn more about GED Direct where vouchers never expire!  See next FAQ.

GED Ready Direct is a GED Ready managing tool only available to educators that have access to GED Manager*. With access; you can assign (or unassign) GED Ready practice tests directly to your students.  Buy all the GED Ready tests you need for your program and share them with your fellow educators so each of you can assign a test as soon as your student is ready. No voucher codes to manage or hand out to your students. Once assigned, the student will see the GED Ready in their account and can take it immediately.

*Not all GED Manager users have permission to use this tool.  If you are interested, please  contact the GED Jurisdictional Administrator in your state to find out if you are eligible to participate.

You can take the GED Ready® practice test online at using a computer or laptop. This helps you to become familiar with how the actual GED test will look and feel at a test center. Mobile devices are currently not supported for this reason.

  • Before starting, make sure your internet browser is up to date. The browser version should be at or above the following: Internet Explorer 10, Firefox 6, Safari 5, or Chrome 12.
  • Your computer needs JavaScript and cookies enabled. This will allow you to answer interactive questions, like drag and drop, and it will also save your progress in case you need to stop and resume at a later time.

Login to your account to start your practice test. What’s great about GED Ready® is that you can pause and resume to fit your schedule. You don’t have to take the entire practice test in one sitting, although that is recommended for more accurate results.

The practice test is designed to tell you how you will perform on the actual GED test by providing a realistic test-taking experience, but only half the length of the actual test. For this reason, you can take it one time per purchase.

  • We recommend taking it at the beginning of each subject to gauge how you’ll perform and then use the personal study plan to guide your prep specifically for the topics you need to improve. A Score Report is located on your student result page.
  • Many students decide to take the practice test again toward the end of their prep to build confidence and reinforce their test taking skills closer to their GED test date.
  • You can buy as many GED Ready® practice tests as you’d like. There are multiple versions of the test, so you won’t repeat the same questions. Each practice test can be taken once.

Practice tests (and vouchers) may have different expiration dates depending on when and how you bought them.

  • Practice tests bought on or GED Marketplace expire 12 months from the purchase date.
  • Vouchers bought through a publisher expire 18 months from the purchase date.
  • (New) GED Ready practice tests ordered and assigned directly to students through GED Manager's GED Ready Direct tool does not use voucher codes so they do not expire. Once assigned, the student will see the GED Ready in their account and can take it right away. If the student leaves program before it being used, the assigned test can be reassigned.  This option is not available to students and only to certain GED Manager users. Please contact the GED Jurisdictional Administrator in your state to find out if you are eligible to participate.

Once you launch your practice test, you’ll have 120 days to complete it.

There are some questions on the Math and Science practice tests that allow the use of a calculator. A calculator is provided within the practice test for those questions and can be accessed by clicking on the calculator icon in the upper left of the screen. For Math, only use a calculator for Part II of the practice test.

If a voucher code isn’t accepted, make sure that:

  • You entered all the voucher code digits correctly
  • The voucher hasn’t expired
  • The voucher hasn’t already been used

If you’re still having issues redeeming your voucher code, contact for assistance. If you purchased or received a voucher from a publisher, please contact the publisher directly.

The extended response is not scored on the practice test. Instead, you will receive guidance in your score report about what a typical written response should look like. You will also receive a copy of the question and your written response so you can bring it into an adult education center for scoring by a trained educator.

This will sometimes happen if your web browser isn’t up to date (Internet Explorer 8 or earlier). Make sure you are using the most up to date browser version.

No. A GED Ready® practice test is assigned to a student’s MyGED account once the voucher is used. Each one can only be used for one practice test subject.

Sometimes. Limited time promotions are usually good only for the time-frame mentioned in the offer. Check the dates in the promotion details to make sure you’re using your GED Ready® vouchers before they expire.

Practice tests in corrections may be used in an instructional setting. However, keep in mind that for the GED Ready® practice test to accurately predict how a student will score on the official test, the administration conditions need to be as similar as possible to an actual testing environment.

For information on how to use GED Ready Offline for Corrections please visit GED Marketplace.