Making the pivotal decision to better your life with a GED will bring tremendous opportunities. Earning your GED in Illinois leads to more opportunities at school and work. It’s an exciting time to start this path toward pursuing an education or that dream job you’ve always wanted. Illinois state residents can take advantage of reduced testing costs, in-person classes, and convenient ways to achieve a more stable future. As the official site of the GED test, we can easily get you there.

FAQs for Earning a GED in Illinois

Top Policies

How old do I need to be to take the test?

You are required to be 18 years old to take the GED® test in Illinois.

You can be 17 and take the GED® test if you provide a withdrawal letter from the last school attended. Please review the full documentation requirements on the Illinois Community College Board’s website:

Proof of withdrawal may be emailed to or faxed to  217-558-6700.

16 year olds are not eligible to take the GED® test unless currently enrolled in a Regional Safe Schools Program, an Alternative Learning Opportunities Program, or the Lincoln’s Challenge Academy. Those programs must petition on the student’s behalf for the student to be approved to take the GED® test.


For those testing on the Online Exam: 

  • Your parent/guardian must be present at the pre-test check in to give consent and authorize underage tester to be recorded during testing. If parent/guardian is not present the exam session will be revoked. 

Yes, in Illinois you’re required to be a resident for 30 days or more.

You will be required to prove residency on the day of your exam. Please bring a government-issued photo ID with you when you test. If that photo ID does not have a current Illinois address, you will also need to provide proof of residency.

Some states allow people who don’t live there to take the GED® test and others don’t. You’ll need to check the residency requirement for the state that you’re interested to test in.

No, Illinois doesn’t require you to prepare for the GED® test in an adult education classroom.

For those testing in-person at a Testing Center: 

  • No, you’re not required to take the GED Ready® practice test before taking the official GED® test. 

For those testing on the Online Exam: 

  • Yes, you are required to take the GED Ready® practice test before taking the official GED® test online. 

In Illinois, GED® test takers are required to complete an Illinois Constitution Module in addition to their GED® exam. The module is available at the ICCB website. As a pandemic measure, all candidates who completed and passed all sections of their GED® exam prior to June 30, 2022 are eligible to receive their Illinois High School Diploma without the constitution requirement. Please visit the ICCB website for more information on this waiver and how to request your records.

Price & Payment

What is my cost if I test at a Test Center?

  • Starting July 1, 2023: Illinois charges $36 per subject for the GED® test at a Test Center.

What is my cost if I test Online?

  • Illinois charges $36 per subject for the GED® test via Online.

You will pay for the test online with a debit or credit card when you schedule your test.

Don’t have a credit or debit card? Some students use American Express Bluebird. Register for a free Bluebird card online and add funds with cash at a Walmart location. Learn more about Bluebird.

Test Retake Policies

For those testing in-person at a Testing Center 

  • In Illinois, there is no waiting period if you do not pass a subject area test the first time. After taking a test subject 3 times, you'll have to wait 60 days before retesting. There's no limit to how many times you can test in a year.

For those testing on the Online Exam: 

  • The Online Proctored Exam allows for one retake before a 60 day waiting period. After taking a test subject two times online, you’ll have to wait 60 days before retesting.  

For those testing in-person at a Testing Center: 

  • Starting July 1, 2023: You will receive one discounted* retake for every GED® test subject you purchase but don’t pass. You have 365 days after your full price test to use this retake. This retake offer (1 full price:1 discount) repeats until you pass the test. GED Testing Service waives its $26 testing fee, however additional testing fees may still apply in your state.

*In Illinois, there is a $10 test center fee for GED® test retakes.

Note: We have extended the limited-time offer of up to 2 discounted retakes for exams taken in test centers, as long as both retakes are completed by June 30, 2024.  

For those testing on the Online Exam:

  • The Online Proctored Exam costs $36 for a retake in Illinois. Discounted retakes are not offered on the Online Proctored Exam. 

Transcripts & Diploma

There may be additional requirements that you need to meet. We recommend contacting your local test center or your state’s office at (217) 558-5668.

You must contact the Regional Office of Education for the county in which you tested in to request your transcripts or certificates. 

Cook County residents should contact the Cook County High School Equivalency Records Office at iccb.CookHSE@‎ or by calling 1-312-814-4488.

In Illinois the credential is called the Illinois High School Diploma.


For those testing in-person at a Testing Center:

  • Yes, in Illinois you can take all test subjects in the same day if you can find a testing center with hours that accommodate it.

For those testing on the Online Exam:

  • No, you must schedule your test appointments separately, one at a time. After you complete one online exam you may schedule another, based on appointment availability.

Yes, in Illinois you can test in English or Spanish and you can combine tests from different languages to earn your credential.

It depends on whether or not that state has a residency requirement. Check the residency requirements in that state and don’t hesitate to contact the GED Administrator in that state with questions.

Jennifer K. Foster
GED Administrator
Illinois Community College Board
401 E. Capitol Avenue
Springfield, IL 62701
(217) 558-5668

How to Get a GED in Illinois

If you’re a legal resident of Illinois and 17 years old or older, start working toward your GED today. If you’re 16 years old, you’ll need permission from your parents and local school board before you can take the GED test. You can take this test online or in one of Illinois’ many testing centers. You must also pass the Illinois/U.S. Constitution Test. You can find this free-of-charge exam at Illinois Regional Offices of Education and local adult education programs. You’re not required to officially prepare for the test by taking classes, but it is highly recommended. Lessons help you learn the material that will be on the exams. This instruction prepares you for the GED Ready official practice test, where you must score high enough to qualify for the computer exam. To get started, sign up for a free account. Access these step-by-step instructions for guidance. If you have already set up an account, log into your account now to continue the process. Be prepared to spend 2-3 months studying to pass this exam successfully. When you pass the GED and Constitution Test, you won’t receive an equivalency credential. Instead, you’ll receive a standard high school diploma from the state. How does that sound?

Get Your GED Online in Illinois

The GED test in Illinois is computer-based. You can take the test online from work, at home, or at one of the Illinois official testing centers. Test your computer system beforehand if you choose to take the test online from home or at work. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection, a quiet workspace area, and the proper equipment (computer and webcam) to take it on your own successfully. Our online learning programs successfully prepare you for the exam with plenty of convenient schedules at different times. If you handle other responsibilities, like child care or a job, this helps you study for the GED at times that work for you. Learn test-taking strategies, master the necessary information, and take quizzes to effectively prepare for the real thing. When you achieve a successful “green” score on the GED Ready practice test, you can proceed. Learn more about how to prepare for your GED online today.

Prep and Test Centers Near You

Perhaps you’d do better taking prep classes in person? You may thrive in a traditional learning environment, feel more motivated, and better retain the knowledge you need when working with other students in person. If so, Illinois has in-person GED classes that provide you with support, testing materials, and qualified instruction. Check out in-person classes and benefit from:
  • Outstanding experienced teachers
  • Specialized curriculum
  • A supportive staff
  • Flexible times
  • Professional career guidance
  • Study groups for group learning
  • Thorough preparation with quizzes, reviews, and practice tests
  • Higher education counseling
Illinois also lowered the cost to make it easier for all students to take this vital step. If you choose to take the GED in Illinois at a testing center, it will only cost you $40. Find a testing center or in-person classes near you and sign up for a free account.