GED® Tutoring Online

Earning your GED® can offer more career opportunities, improve your potential earnings, and allow you to pursue higher education. But if you’re feeling nervous about being able to pass the GED® or you’d like some extra help, consider GED® tutoring!

What Is GED® Tutoring?

A GED® tutor prepares you for the GED® exam by helping you review and practice the knowledge and skills you’ll need to pass the test. GED® tutoring covers essay writing and all four GED® subjects: math, language arts, social studies, and science., we provide students with the assistance and resources they need to achieve their academic goals.

Our GED+ program provides comprehensive study tools, a personal advisor, a test pass guarantee, a deep dive into each GED® subject, the ability to test until you pass and much more. And, if your GED® advisor feels you need extra help, you can receive GED® tutoring online to help you tackle any of the subject areas you find more challenging. For example, a GED® math tutor may be recommended to help you tackle tough topics like algebra or geometry.

What Does GED® Tutoring Include?

One-on-one GED® tutors are available to GED+ students who need extra help or are not improving their score in a particular subject. Our GED® tutoring offers 24/7 availability and features four different online GED® tutoring services. You’ll also gain access to:

  • Drop-in sessions
  • Scheduled online GED® tutor sessions with video and audio
  • Writing Center essay submission
  • Offline question submission
  • Study guides
  • Spanish bilingual GED® tutors if needed

What Is the Process of Getting a GED® Tutor?

Your GED+ account will include a personal GED® Advisor to help you through the process. Your advisor may refer you to online GED® tutoring if:

  • Your scores are not improving
  • You’re having difficulty with your online self-study tools
  • If you need help solving specific questions

Your advisor will create your account for tutoring sessions and provide you with your login information to connect with a GED® tutor.

What Are the Benefits of Having a GED® Tutor?

GED® tutoring services provide many benefits to students, including:

  • One-on-one help from an experienced tutor with knowledge of all four GED® subjects
  • 24/7 availability
  • The ability to schedule a future session with a tutor
  • Individualized attention
  • Improved subject comprehension
  • Tutoring from a bilingual (Spanish) tutor

Other Study Helps

  • In-Person Classes: Find a conveniently located GED® test prep center in your area and take the GED® course and test.
  • Online Classes: Want to take an online GED® class on your time from the comfort of your own home? See if an online class is right for you.
  • GED® Flash: GED® Flash helps you prepare for the GED® test with practice questions on all four subjects. These practice tests help you learn as you go. You’ll be able to see instantly where you may have gone wrong on an incorrect answer.
  • Sample GED® Tests: See if you’re ready for the GED® with a free sample test in each GED® subject!
  • GED Ready®: Get Ready® is the official GED® Practice Test you’ll need to pass before attempting the GED® test online. This practice test was designed and written by the creators of the official GED® exam and provides an indicator at the end of how likely you are to pass the real thing.

Gain Access to a GED® Tutor with GED+

GED® tutoring can help you prepare for the GED® test and provide personalized, one-on-one assistance. Consider signing up for GED+ today to gain access to tutoring from the official creators of the GED® test.


  1. I need a tutor I am in West Virginia Charleston and I am going to spokes in Charleston I can not read or write I need help

  2. Hello,

    What are the cost for a GED tutor? I really need a one on one tutoring because it’s really hard for me to do it on my own. I’ve went to Adult Ed classes many times and I give up. It gets really hard and i just feel like the teachers put too much work on me and I can’t focus on one thing. Idk how much this is I don’t have much but I really just want my GED. I don’t wanna quit I wanna just do it even if it gets hard but I need help with a Tutor.

  3. Hello my name is Alma I’m 55 years old, and i need to pass only the ged math test by the end of January because of my job.
    I try to do the test but I didn’t pass

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