Reasoning Through Language Arts: What You Need to Know

The Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA) test assesses your reading and writing skills. Both of these skills are all about communication, something you’ve probably done plenty of in life.

Test Topics

The RLA section of the GED includes three different topics: 

  1. Reading for Meaning
  2. Identifying and Creating Arguments
  3. Grammar and Language 

The RLA test assesses your ability to understand what you read and how to write clearly.

Format of the RLA Test

There are three sections on the GED Language Arts test. The entire test takes 150 minutes with a 10-minute break between sections two and three. There will be one written essay (extended response), which you will have 45 minutes to complete. 

There are also different question types including multiple-choice, drag and drop, select an area and drop down. 


How to Prepare

There are many ways to prepare for the RLA test. Start by logging in to your account and checking out our free GED Language Arts study guide that will help familiarize you with what to expect on the test. 

Classes are also a great option, which are available in-person at an adult education center or online if getting to class isn’t an option. 

If you need more practice, GED Flash offers thousands of interactive practice questions that you can access anytime, anywhere. 

Lastly, once you’re feeling confident, take the GED Ready practice test to see how likely you are to pass the real test! 




  1. Hi am ready to take the English language test for my Ged , just wondering how many question can I get wrong and still pass thanks phil

  2. Thanks for the services! I got 7 out of 10 for the GED ready test on the first try and I am currently sitting in the waiting room to write English 😀 I am so grateful for the growth opportunity that the GED is providing for me! Thanks to everyone involved.

  3. Can you pass the RLA without doing the essay? I am just wondering because on the GEDReady this can be done. A student is claiming to have passed the GEDReady without doing the essay.

    1. You need a 145 to pass, so depending on how well a person does on other portions of the test may reflect a passing score without the essay, this is true for the GED ready as well as the actual GED

  4. The essay is an important portion of RLA,so you have to do it anyway.The essay demonstrates your wrting ability,your ability to use the grammar,the vocabulary.The essay also mesures your skills in terms of summarizing a text read,analysing what you read and the method you construct your thoughts on the basis of a particular subject.That´s the reason why the essay last up to 45 min.

  5. Hey I am Wael, I was wondering if writing in GED exam can be accommodated for multiple sclerosis patients, I have a difficulty holding a pen and my fine motor skills are weak.


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