Program Requirements

The minimum age required to take the GED® test without parental consent is 18 years old. With parental consent, you can test when you are 16.

You can be 16 and take the GED® test with parental consent.

Self-study GED® preparation is included in the employer program. You are required to study a minimum number of hours each week using the course materials available to you through this program. Your study hours will be monitored by your GED Advisor®. More information about requirements is available in the terms and conditions for your specific employer.

Yes, your GED Advisor® will work with you on where to start!

There are specific terms and conditions for each employer. They are available to you to review when you sign up for the program.

Price & Payment

The cost of the GED® test is covered in the total program fees. They may be covered in part or whole by the employer.

If you are approved for the GEDWorks Program, the cost of your testing is covered by your employer.

Test Scores

Test-takers need to score a 145 on each subject area test (580 on all four subjects combined) to pass the test. Scoring higher has additional benefits. Here are the detailed score levels:  

  • Below Passing: 100-144
  • GED® Passing / High School Equivalency: 145 -164
  • GED® College Ready: 165 - 174
  • GED® College Ready + Credit: 175 - 200

Retake Policies

Your GED Student Advisor® will advise you on this.

Questions? Contact your GED Advisor®.

GED® Test Credential

You will receive a free diploma and transcript once you pass all four GED® test subjects. You can request additional copies here.

GED® Test Language Versions

Yes, you can take the GED® test in Spanish.

No. You will not be allowed to combine Spanish tests with English tests or any other language version.