FAQs for Earning a GED® in Delaware

Top Policies

How old do I need to be to take the test?

You must be 18 years old to test in Delaware.

In Delaware, you can be 16 or 17 and take the GED® test if you:

  • Are a resident of the state of Delaware,
    • Complete a written age waiver application and send it to the Delaware Department of Education. Your application should include good cause for taking the test early and designating where the test will be taken.; and
    • Verification that you are at least 16 years of age at the time of the application using a birth certificate, driver’s license, a State of Delaware Identification Card or other comparable and reliable documentation of age
    • Verification of withdrawal from the applicant’s public or non public school program
    • And a transcript from the applicant’s public or non public school program


For those testing on the Online Exam: 

  • A parent or guardian must be present at the pre-test check-in to give consent and authorize the underage tester to be recorded during testing. If the parent or guardian is not present, the exam session will be revoked.

Yes, you must be a current resident of the Delaware or, if a resident from another state be actively employed in Delaware or be registered with a Delaware Department of Labor Program in order to test.

You will need to provide proof to the test center that you meet the above state requirements.

Some states allow people who don’t live there to take the GED® test and others don’t. You’ll need to check the residency requirement for the state that you’re interested to test in.

No, you do not need to take a GED® class before taking the official GED® test.

For those testing in-person at a Testing Center: 

  • No, you’re not required to take the GED Ready® practice test before taking the official GED® test. 

For those testing on the Online Exam: 

  • Yes, you are required to take the GED Ready® practice test before taking the official GED® test online. 

Price & Payment

What is my cost if I test at a Test Center?

  • Starting July 1, 2023: Delaware charges $36 per subject for the GED® test at a Test Center.

What is my cost if I test Online?

  • Delaware charges $36 per subject for the GED® test taken online

You will pay for the test online with a debit or credit card when you schedule your test.

Test Retake Policies

For those testing in-person at a Testing Center 

  • In Delaware, you may re-test a subject area up to two times with no wait time between re-tests. After the third attempt each must be preceded by a 60-day waiting period.

For those testing on the Online Exam: 

  • The Online Proctored Exam allows for one retake before a 60 day waiting period. After taking a test subject two times online, you’ll have to wait 60 days before retesting.  

For those testing in-person at a Testing Center:

  • Starting July 1, 2023: You will receive one discounted* retake for every GED® test subject you purchase but don’t pass. You have 365 days after your full price test to use this retake. This retake offer (1 full price:1 discount) repeats until you pass the test. GED Testing Service waives its $26 testing fee, however additional testing fees may still apply in your state.
*In Delaware, there is a $10 test center fee for GED® test retakes.
Note: We have extended the limited-time offer of up to 2 discounted retakes for exams taken in test centers, as long as both retakes are completed by June 30, 2024.  
For those testing on the Online Exam:
  • The Online Proctored Exam costs $36 for a retake in Delaware. Discounted retakes are not offered on the Online Proctored Exam. 

Transcripts & Diploma

There may be additional requirements that you need to meet. We recommend contacting your local test center or your state’s office at (302) 857-3342 to find out more about your credential.

In Delaware, the best way to order your first and/or duplicate Credential or Transcript is to go to Set up an account and place your document order. Call 855-313-5799 if you prefer to order by phone. Additional fees apply to phone orders.

For additional questions contact

In Delaware the credential is called the Delaware State Board of Education Endorsement Secondary Credential.


For those testing in-person at a Testing Center 

  • Yes, in Delaware you can take all test subjects in the same day if you can find a test center with hours that accommodate it. 

For those testing on the Online Exam 

  • No, you must schedule your test appointments separately, one at a time. After you complete one online exam you may schedule another, based on appointment availability.   

Yes, in Delaware, you can take the GED® Test in English or Spanish and you can combine the two languages to earn your credential.

It depends on whether or not that state has a residency requirement. Check the residency requirements in that state and don’t hesitate to contact the GED Administrator™ in that state with questions. In Delaware, you have to be a resident or employed in the state to take the test.

Maureen Whelan
GED Administrator
Delaware Department of Education
Collette Education Resource Center
35 Commerce Way, Suite 1
Dover, DE 11904
Phone: (302) 857-3342
Fax: (302) 739-1770

How to Get a GED® in Delaware

Earning a GED® in Delaware is the key to unlocking countless opportunities—including more career options, increased earning potential, and higher education opportunities. Whether you’re driven by the desire to enhance your career prospects or pursue higher education, you’re on the brink of an incredible achievement, and we’re here to guide you toward success. We are your trusted partner in this incredible journey. The road to a Delaware GED® may have challenges, but with our comprehensive resources and unwavering support, you’ll be equipped to conquer them all. Your future is waiting, so let’s begin shaping it together.

Creating Your Online Account

Unlock a wealth of tools and resources by creating your free account. Dive into our study guides, take Delaware GED® practice tests, and easily locate online or in-person classes. To get started, you’ll need to provide basic information about yourself, including your name, email address, birthday, and contact information. Signing up only takes a few minutes and provides you with free resources to help you earn your GED® in Delaware.

Classes and Testing Centers Near You

Ready to start working toward your GED® in Delaware? In-person GED® classes and testing centers offer direct engagement and interactive learning opportunities. These classes best suit students who thrive in traditional learning environments and work better with a strict schedule. Your account simplifies finding and accessing in-person courses and testing centers. Simply log in to your account and discover nearby GED® classes using your state and city or zip code. And you’ll still benefit from your account’s free resources and study guides along your journey.

Online Classes

Would you prefer to take classes for your GED® online in Delaware? Whether you’re a full-time employee, a caregiver, or simply seeking a flexible learning environment, online courses offer the perfect solution. By earning your GED® in Delaware online, you can tailor your study schedule to fit your lifestyle and other obligations. With your account, enrolling in online classes is a breeze. Discover courses that better suit your needs and schedule—all at your fingertips.

GED® Tests Online in Delaware

Did you know you can continue your Delaware GED® journey online after completing your online or in-person class? After achieving a ‘green’ score on the GED Ready® practice test, you’ll be poised to take the GED® test from the comfort of your own home. You must schedule your exam within 60 days of earning your ‘green’ GED Ready® score. With appointment slots available around the clock, online testing offers unparalleled flexibility and is the perfect choice for students who don’t want to travel to a testing center. On test day, you must log into your account at least 30 minutes before your scheduled test time to complete the necessary check-in steps. These steps will include verifying your system compatibility, workspace, driver’s license or identification card, and webcam. Once verified, you can take the test with the supervision of an online tester.

Ready to Earn Your GED® in Delaware?

Your Delaware GED® success story begins with action. Schedule your GED® test and find nearby classes by accessing your account. Your journey toward a bright future starts today.