Transcripts for the Military

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Other Resources

If you have tried and have been unsuccessful in finding your record at the above link, below are some possible exceptions with instructions on how to request your documents.

U.S. military personnel tested before Sept. 1974 go to:
Please use the JST/USAFI online ordering system

Active duty U.S. service members tested between Sep. 1, 1974 and Oct. 1, 1985:
GED Administrator™ for the state where the installation is located

Ft. Jackson personnel tested from July 1, 1974, through March 31, 1975:
High School GED Testing Service - Room 707
Rutledge Building
Columbia, SC 29201

Ft. Jackson personnel tested before June 30, 1974:
Please use the JST/USAFI online ordering system

U.S. Coast Guard personnel tested before Jan. 1975:
Please use the JST/USAFI online ordering system

Overseas Records

U.S. military personnel tested in Korea or Okinawa through the Hawaii St. Louis High School:
Office of the Dean
St. Louis High School—Adult Division
3140 Waialae Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816-1578

U.S. military personnel tested in Okinawa through Kubasaki High School:
Kubasaki High School
Department of Defense
FPO San Francisco, CA 96602

Dependents of U.S. military service members who tested through Department of Defense overseas American high schools:
ATTN: High School Transcript
2461 Eisenhower Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22331