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Students who pass the GED® test receive a credential equal to a U.S. high school diploma.

Pursue education and jobs internationally

Colleges and employers in many countries accept the GED® credential as equal to their country's high school diploma.

Pursue education and jobs in the U.S.

97% of U.S. colleges and employers accept the GED® credential in place of a high school diploma.

Show your high school academic skills

Passing the GED® test shows that you can write and understand English at the 12th grade level.

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The GED® test is delivered in more than 60 countries around the world.

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We've partnered with organizations in different countries to help in your test prep and test day needs.

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"I enjoyed the whole program … and the fact that the skills I learned come in useful in real, everyday life."
Giosiana, GED® graduate

The GED® test has 5 subjects

Language Arts Reading
Language Arts Writing
Social Studies
"Having a diploma that is internationally recognized is the one thing that motivated me the most. The GED® gave me that opportunity. Earning the GED® credential is important to me because it will help me in applying for my university."
Julien, GED® graduate