Testing Update: Online Proctored GED® Test Pilot

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on every aspect of our lives including how we support students as they pursue their GED credentials. Through the Online Proctored GED Test pilot, students that meet a certain criteria will be able to participate in remote testing in selected states.

For the past few months GED Testing Service has been discussing new potential testing options with state adult ed directors, GED Administrators and OCTAE. Online proctoring is an option that will help meet the needs of many testers, and provide an alternative to testing in a physical test center. The Online Proctored GED Test pilot will utilize trained, third-party proctoring and will include built-in artificial intelligence (AI) features for additional test security.

We just released a webinar recording where we have provided information about the new pilot. It includes high-level information and timelines for the pilot, student eligibility info, specific operations and policies that will be different than it is for testing in a physical test center, and additional resources that we think will be helpful to you. The full webinar and slides are available here: https://ged.com/educators_admins/test_admin/

Here are some of the highlights from the recording that address frequently asked questions:

Is the Online Proctored GED test different?

No, it is the same GED test content delivered online, continually monitored by a third-party, trained proctor. **We are not abandoning the traditional in-person test center model–this option will provide more access to those ready to test or have had cancelled appointments.**

Who is administering the test?

GED Testing Service is contracting with OnVUE to deliver the Online Proctored GED exams.

When will the pilot begin?

The pilot is anticipated to launch later in the week of May 18th or the week of May 25th. It will be multi-phased, and is expected to wrap up near the end of July.

What students are eligible?

States will determine if their residents may participate in the pilot, but so far there has been wide agreement that this option is necessary to help students during this difficult time. During the pilot only those 18 and older will be eligible.

Eligibility will be determined by Phase. Priorities/first invitations will go out to students in four categories: 

  • Cancelled appointments 
  • 3 of 4 test subjects passed 
  • GED Ready “Green” score on a subject test within the past 60 days 
  • State’s essential cases 

Students in all residency-required states will sign off on language affirming residency; however the OnVUE ID checks process will require some states to implement manual residency checks before approving students for invitation. 

A GED Ready ”Green” score is required to schedule an online proctored exam. **There are additional policies for the pilot that will differ from current/traditional computer-based testing (CBT) policies.** 

How will eligible students be notified?

Students who are eligible will be sent an email with instructions on how to register and schedule an online proctored GED test. They will also receive an alert in their GED.com student account.

How much will this cost and what are the associated fees?

The cost of the test during the online proctored pilot will mirror current fees. Fees for test center compensation will support online proctoring. Note that there may be some differences in states with little or no test center compensation built in (e.g. New Mexico, Nevada, North Carolina, Wyoming).

Why is the pilot approach being used?

  • Timeliness – intense pressure to have an option available as soon as possible
  • We do not know the appetite for participation & how students will react to online proctoring 
  • Requires a laptop or computer with a camera/microphone and stable internet connection
  • Requires a closed, private/quiet room 

Online Proctored GED Test Pilot Timing and Schedule: 

Phase 1– Feedback [duration ~7-10 days] 5 states (CA, GA, OR, TX, WI) 

  • Only students with cancelled appointments who also have a GED Ready “Green” score within 60 days 
  • Final system tests and gathering data and information from system and students 

Phase 2 – invite eligible students in participating states with no residency queue 

  • Cancelled appointments 3 of 4 tests passed GED Ready “Green” 
  • State’s essential cases

 Phase 3 – invite newly eligible students 

  • New GED Ready “Green” students in non-queue states invited regularly (GED Ready “Green” within 60 days required)

 Phase 4 – invite newly eligible students in manual residency approval queue required states

  • Queue is estimated to be built and ready for use between June 9-18 

End of Pilot

Please review the webinar or the related slides to learn more about online proctored testing policies, find resources, and understand how you can help your eligible students prepare and participate.


  1. As our students are the ones affected by this crisis, I think this is a great step to help them better their lives. In person centers are closed.

    1. Awesome this has motivated me to take practice test so I can accomplish my last exam (math). Thank you!!

    2. Thank you so for the great step was planning to get my language GED test but due to covid19 I was so scared even to schedule for a test because I was looking for a day to get my GED thank you for the great step I think is going to work

  2. How could someone in prison or a jail setting be able to utilize this? Has any thought been given to this?

    1. we have a test for those in jail or prison. GED has this already. We are a testing site in the town where I live. It took about a year to get it done

  3. I have 3 of 4 tests passed and I am in Florida. Do you know when it will be available in Florida for me to take the online proctored exam?

    1. Is it available in Florida?
      Also I have accommodations, will I still have it on the online test ?


    1. The test score needs to be lowered to 140. There’s so so many people who are struggling to get a 145 on the math test. How are we supposed to get our GED and move on if we can’t pass this ridiculously high test? We can’t!

  5. This is awesome news. I have passed 3 tests I need to retake Math to pass. I am really happy that they have

    1. Oh no🤦. This is a great option but there should be included an option for people who have passed two of 4 tests too.

  6. This is amazing if this could happen. I’ve passed 3 of 4 test already. I need to take one more to pass this is good news.

  7. Really hoping Kentucky and Tennessee allows us to do this I only need to do my math and I’m wanting to do it as soon as possible

  8. I’ve passed 2 of the 4 tests. My last test was taken last year, will I be eligible to finish my test online? I live in Texas and am not currently signed up to take the other 2 tests.

  9. I have passed 3 of the 4 test and math is my last subject so I’m very excited about getting this done!

  10. I passed 3 of the 4 test math is my last subject so this should be awesome can’t wait to get started!

  11. I need to take all four I was scheduled to retake my reasoning through language arts test before covid -19 But got refunded

  12. I think this is amazing. I have so many students who just need to pick up 1 subject with plenty of them having missed it by a couple points. Too bad the pilot isn’t happening in NY in the first phase.

    1. Hi,

      The official GED test is not offered in New York as an option for a high school equivalency diploma.

  13. It’s unsettling that IL is not included in this pilot program. As someone who is looking to take my final exam so that I can apply for Nursing school which is time sensitive. I must continue to delay due to the lack of options in my state.

    1. I am like everyone else it seems. I only need to retake the math I passed all the other 3.. I had the test scheduled but, it got cancelled.. my goal deadline to graduate was May.. but, it’s not gonna happen for me.. I hope I’m able to do this test, I live in Nevada.

  14. I need to take the constitution exam, i already passed the GED. I was scheduled for March 17th,2020.(Constitution exam) And got canceled. Will this be something that can be offered to those who only need to take the constitution exam?

  15. Thank God because I’ve passed 3 test and only have to take the math. I was wondering if they were going to come up with something different for us that are ready to retest.

  16. Thank you! We need to have these tests! Students have worked so hard to become ready to graduate with their GED

  17. I see this pilot program as another option for non- traditional students during our nation’s struggle in a very difficult situation! These students have many hurdles to overcome in their lives to accomplish a goal that was overlooked earlier in life!

  18. I am . Excited about this I have 1test to pass and that is math I’m ready to start my career already please send me one

  19. This sounds awesome. I have passed all my test I just have to do my math test and also I hope we get more information as students to know what rules do we have to follow.

    From Chicago, IL

  20. Happy to see this! I hope Michigan also is able to participate soon. Will there be proctors who speak Spanish, this would be very helpful for my students.

  21. This is amazing, students are anxious to graduate and have no testing options in our area!

  22. Hi there is there a possible chance for the state of Florida for participating? I’ve had my test Cancelled and i only need one more subject to test. I’ve been waiting for a real long time and taking the test online would help me out by alot since the nearest testing center is closed and very far from where i live.

  23. This is wonderful news I only have one subject left to finish my GED can’t wait until more information about this

  24. I am so excited for this. We have students that wanted to start college this semester and have been unable to test. Some just needed to pass one test!!!

  25. Great news! I only have the math to take! I’m so excited to hear this. I have had 3 or 4 cancellations for the test. Let Alabama be one.

    1. I’m ready to try this, I have anxiety in the testing center. I’ve tried everything, ear plugs for silence. Shorts because I start sweating. I need blinders so I don’t look around. I can feel everything in that room. I’m going to try for my math, again for the 3rd time. From a quiet room in my home. Fingers crossed!

  26. This is awesome news to hear I have one more test to take. My reading but the problem is I live in Longiland i don’t know if the same rule applies to longiland.

  27. I was looking to get my GED before the pandemic,and so is there a way to do the pre test to see if I’m qualified to take the actual test?

  28. I think this is great news as the students are eager to move on and many have plans to begin their post-secondary education in the fall. I just hope the same is being considered for the Spanish GED tests as we have a large population in Miami-Dade County, FL.

  29. Thank you so much for the opportunity

    I am in a new position of employment and the probation period had to be extended until I pass my last module (Math). Hopefully the time I have spent studying during this crisis pays off and I pass. Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.

  30. What about Florida also people who live in a rural crowded family how they going to face that.Are your going to create a small facility only 6 people with face mask.

  31. I need this I don’t know how this gone to fan out but I need to get back studying soon Thank you for this information I’m in Texas so it’s a go

  32. Let’s hope Michigan is close behind the trial states testing, by online
    proctors. I have many student who have 3/4 tests passed. They really need to
    have this option to move on with their life plans.

  33. I am in Florida and I am so ready to take my science test I’ve already passed two tests I’m working on my math but I’ve passed everything and my science under the essential Education website..

  34. This is awesome, I am in Virginia, and actually my language arts exam was canceled, which was scheduled for last March, and I already have 3 subjects that have been passed, and only I have language arts to graduate. I hope That will happen soon.

  35. As a teacher who is concerned with my students’ ultimate progress,this is a great compromise.
    I hope that in the future this is not an option due to our circumstances with a national issue, but a real solution to students’ needs.
    Thank you,
    Carole Moseley
    Instructor (APS/TCSG)

  36. I have a question will this type of test be permitted in Florida? I’ve passed 3 exams and only have to redo math again. Thank you

  37. This is great news for students! Will all OR students who meet this criteria be notified during the week of 5/18 or 5/25?

  38. Is the passing score the same? Or has it change? I hope y’all can lower it down from 145 to 130. Some people have can’t get help or a teacher and they are trying to do this on their own.

    1. Hi Ruth,

      There are no current plans to lower the passing score for the GED test subjects. We do understand that many students are not able to attend in-person classes but we do recommend utilizing online preparation resources, including some options here: https://ged.com/coronavirus-covid-19/

  39. At the present time Gov Hogan has closed all schools in Maryland. Test center 68190 is located at ccbc Randallstown campus, which is closed.

    1. Hi Marge,

      We are actively tracking the status of test centers in states that offer the GED test. Thank you for providing this update.

    1. Hi Joel,

      The official GED test is not available in New York as an option for a high school equivalency diploma.

    1. Hi Carrol,

      The official GED test is not offered in New York as an option for a high school equivalency diploma.

  40. Will this eventually be available in Virginia? I was expected to walk this June, I only had Math to take.

    1. Hi Telese,

      The pilot will be available to eligible students 18 years old and older living in selected states.

  41. It has been over 60 days of my last testing due to a family emergency will I still be able to do my test online over the years it’s been very hard working 2 jobs and being a single mother everytime I attempt I have to postpone I would be so grateful to have this opportunity to better myself for them

  42. Please email me when i can do my GED test online. One my test got cancelled I have 2 more test to take and I’ll have my GED. Reside in Wisconsin.

  43. I do hope Ohio can become a state to have this opportunity. Being involved with a program with MANY students who have just one test to complete to receive their high school equivalency, having this option will be a great for those students, as well as, incentive for students to also continue with their their DE classes.

  44. I had never did my test in person but i have been to class in 2016 but couldnt finish because my younger son was diagnosed him with cancer but i am a mother of 4 now i am 26yrs old i really want to get my GED to better my kids lives. My question is would i be able to do it online as well

  45. While at home I have still been studying for my GED. It helps pass the time to keep trying to study for it.

  46. what about if you just wanted to take the test ? Would I have to wait or do we qualify as well? Would I have to wait until school opens back up?

  47. I have passed 1 put of 4 tests, it was passed over 60days ago. . unfortunately I can’t drive because of a disability so it’s been really hard finding a way there. This is a great opportunity for me please tell me I’m eligible.? This will help me alot with finally getting my GED

  48. Hello please contact me about this pilot program. I have been trying to finish getting my GED since last year, and need to finish all 4 tests and get my GED before the end of May if possible. There are NO OPEN TESTING CENTERS as far as i have seen trying to book a test in my area of Siskiyou County – Weed, Ca. The S.T.E.P.S. program that handles Pearson Vue Testing in Weed, Ca has closed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Please contact me with any support, i have tried calling to no avail.
    Thank You,
    Adam Ibarra, First Generation College Student
    College of the Siskyous
    Weed, Ca

  49. I’m from CT , I had two test scheduled but both got cancelled due to the coronavirus shutdown , will I be able to take the ged test from home . Also do you have to do the pilot

  50. Hi,
    I have a question. Can you take the online proctered GED test from outside of the country? I’m a Florida resident who is currently in Mexico visiting some family. I am stuck here because of the COVID-19 pandemic and can’t travel to take the test but I will be going home as soon as traveling is safer.

  51. From Florida here, it would be awesome if this started for us. I have passed three tests and I’ve been studying for the fourth since before everything shut down. I was hoping to start my first semester in college this fall, but with the delay on testing, I’m not sure if that will be happening.

    1. Hi Caelan,

      Students that meet the eligibility requirements for the online proctored test will receive an invitation by email with additional information about scheduling a test date.

  52. Hello, please email me if you can I have 3 out of 4 tests passed on my GED tests I’m just curious that I won’t be eligible to take the online proctored test. The pandemic has closed most of the testing centers in my area of Sacramento, CA.

    1. Hi Charles,

      If you meet the eligibility requirements for the online proctored test you will receive an invitation from us that will share details about available test dates.

        1. Just really hope I didn’t miss my chance on getting the invite because there’s no center scheduling test in my area

  53. Hello I was wondering if I am able to take the proctored GED test I have 3/4 test completed and I am 22 years old

  54. I’m very excited to hear about this. Please contact me regarding how to register for taking the test online and if I am eligible or not. I got my 2 appointments cancelled twice and I’m in real hurry to take it as soon as possible.

    1. Hi Youstina,

      Students that meet the eligibility requirements for the online proctored test will receive an invitation from us with additional details about scheduling a test date.

  55. None of my OR students have received an invitation to participate in the online pilot. Is it on schedule? Did my students just miss Phase 1? They met the criteria for the program. They are really interested in participating. Can they please be included?

      1. Hi,

        The article outlines student eligibility and the timeline for invitations to participate in the testing pilot. If you believe you meet this criteria and your state was in phase 1, you can reach out to our Help desk for further assistance: https://ged.com/contact_us/

  56. I got the first email saying I was selected to participate but still no email with the invitation. Is this still happening? Thank you!

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      We are still sending out emails and you can check your GED.com account for immediate updates.

  57. I got the email last week about the proctored online test. I live in Texas and meet requirements, did I miss phase 1??

    1. Hi Chelsea,

      We are still sending emails but you can get the latest updates by checking your GED.com account

  58. I received and email last week to be in the look out for an invitation. Yesterday I got an email saying “ we thinking your ready for the real deal” but I still can’t schedule for an online test. I called and the lady stated I haven’t taken any test and it’s only for 100 people. But I’ve done 4 exam and all our green. And had my in person exam canceled because of covid-19. So I think the telephone ladys was missed inform because I qualify for the exam because i fall into all categories????? Anyone else having issues

  59. I have passed two of my test and have a green ready on my math. I also live in Texas any updates yet.

  60. I am anxiously awaiting my invitation to utilize the online proctored test. Last week, I got an email saying I should receive the invitation within a week. It was a week a go today to be exact. I meet all criteria. Have passed three of the four tests, have had the fourth cancelled twice and I am an essential front line health care worker.

  61. Ive been waiting this whole week for an invitation……. i got an email almost two weeks ago saying to keep on a look out for next week email for invitation…. but nothing……. called and they explained i have not taken any test but i took 4 ged ready test and got a green on all of them…. also i got my 2 appointments cancelled… im located in florida…. i need got get this ged before fall term begins.. i think your phone rep. did not know what she was doing….. extremly not happy. please reach out to to me asap!!!!

  62. The test score needs to be lowered to 140. There’s so so many people who are struggling to get a 145 on the math test. How are we supposed to get our GED and move on if we can’t pass this ridiculously high test? We can’t!

    1. yesss!!! My last score on math was 137 I believe I’m so close and so many times I have taken it and I still try and try. I really need it like yesterday. But the math is very hard and not basic at all especially not the math is use on a daily basis. Please lower the score so ot more of us can get diplomas and do more.

  63. Very excited about this. Such a relief after so much of anxiety for my students in Northern Virginia. My student who was invited for the pilot testing took the ready test for RLA and scored 136 last night.Can he take the ready again to qualify? 06/ 11/20

  64. Hello.
    I have been at trying to get my math for ever and now this happens. Please how do I apply for this? I’m in Florida
    Thank you

  65. I’ve taken my practice test, got a Green Score, I also did the test on OnView to approve the area to test in at home last Thursday 6/11/2020. I have yet to receive an email to schedule my test. Has anyone else had this issue? If so, how did you get your test scheduled?

    1. Hi Tony,

      Testing has opened up to students that have less than three subjects to complete. Students must still meet the other eligibility requirements and reside in a participating state. You will see an alert or invitation to schedule an online test in your GED.com account.

  66. Will online testing be available in Washington state? I just need to test for math in order to get my ged. I applied for an amazing job, but my job offer is on hold until I complete my ged. Any idea when we can test at home? I also already took the practice test and scored a green.

    1. Hi Margarita,

      Washington state is currently offering the online testing option for eligible students.

  67. Hi, I have a 16 year old that isn’t currently enrolled into a school. He would like to take the GED test. I would Ilike to know how to go about having him do so?

    1. Hi Alicia,

      Students under 18 years old must be approved by their state for the online testing option.

  68. Is the online proctored test ending soon. I have a student who tells me she has to schedule it by July 8.

    1. Hi Joanie,

      The Online Proctored GED test is not ending at this time. Students must have a ‘Green’ GED Ready score within the last 60 days and should be mindful of any deadlines related to tests taken within that time frame. Additional questions can be answered by contacting our Help Desk: https://ged.com/contact_us/

  69. I am trying to take my GED exam and all text centers in my state are closed – how do I go about testing if I do not meet the above criteria for the proctor test?

    1. Hi Alex,

      The eligibility requirements have been updated. Eligible students will receive notification in their GED.com accounts.

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