Updates to Student Score Report

We continue to work on improving and simplifying the student journey for taking and passing the GED.

A big step in preparing to take the GED involves the GED Ready practice test. The practice test measures how likely a student is to pass the GED and identifies skills to focus on and study. We are currently working on improving various areas of the GED Ready score report to make it more useful for students.

Over the next few months, we will be developing new features and conducting A/B tests with students to decide which features to adopt. Below are some of the updates that we’ll be testing:

Linking the study tool via pop-up

Linking a study tool in the Score Report helps to further guide students so they know exactly which pages or sections to study based on the skills they need to focus on.  A number of our students don’t link their current study tool and are missing out on valuable study guidance.

Some of our students shared with us that they aren’t linking their tool in the Score Report because they don’t always know the name of their book or online resource, but if they saw a picture of the cover it would help them to find and link it more easily. 

We believe if we provide them with a visual upfront, this will make it easier for students to link their study material. During our A/B test, we will track whether or not more students are linking a study tool and will roll out the new feature to everyone if successful.

Single page view for RLA Score Reports

We are providing a cleaner single page view vs. having a separate tab for the written response portion of the Reasoning Through Language Arts score report. We are also adding some new written response resources to help students prepare. As part of our A/B test, we will track how many students are scrolling down to the written response section on the single page versus clicking on the separate tab as well as monitor who many students use the additional resources.

New printed score report

We’ve been in touch with educators for feedback as well. When teachers print out the score report, we learned that many want an area where they can write notes for their students regarding the skills to focus on. This new feature will be included in a re-formatted version of the printed score report which will be available soon. 

New format for the Skills List

Reformatting the skills list will make it more usable for our students. We will be moving the study pages on top of the skill and removing the skills headers. Students didn’t find the skills to be helpful on their own, and most students just wanted to get right to the pages they needed to study. We‘ll also be adding check marks so that students can track their study progress. 

“Retake your GED Ready” option at the bottom of the skills list 

This would serve as a convenient reminder for students to check their readiness for the GED by taking another GED Ready practice test.

Guided Wizard

This will be a guided experience within the Score Report to walk students through what to do next, after discovering how they scored on the practice test.


As we mentioned, we’ll be testing these features over the next few months, so you may have some students who see the new features and some who may not yet. As we see success with the new features, we will roll them out to all students. We anticipate that these updates will make the score report more useful for students and will help to improve the overall GED student journey.


  1. We are using the Steck Vaughn ebooks. Can you offer the ebook as a Study Tool for the score report? Using page numbers don’t work for the ebooks that are by Unit and Lesson number.

  2. Will the new look be available for print? I work in corrections and therefore my students do not have access to their online transcript!

  3. GREAT CHANGES! I like them. There’s always room to improve, and I appreciate your willingness.

    I am getting my older students complaining about how small the font size is on the Formula Sheet. That seems like an easy fix. The Circumference formula is especially squished and hard to make out “what all those letters mean” 🙂

    Thanks again!

  4. Hi All,
    Like the changes being made other than for this one. “We will be moving the study pages on top of the skill and removing the skills headers.”
    I find the headers very helpful in being able to quickly see what areas my students need to work on. Can we keep both the Skills Headers and the page numbers?? It’ll help us both.

  5. Please increase the print for the student’s study material checklist. When printed, it is too small. Also the pages need to be listed in numerical order, especially for the mathematics.

  6. In general I have many of the GED questions to be flawed. Not specific enough to distinguish between too close answers in the social studies exam. I think the questions have to be sharpened up indicating a more exacting answer. Also the GED exam is loaded with cultural bias. The cartoons from different eras should be eliminated. Interpreting cartoons is hardly workforce related. Also certain sports questions rely on knowledge of a particular sport, an indication of cultural bias. Critical thinking is an absolute necessity but we need to stick to current day events and language.

  7. These sound like great updates! I have one general question about the Practice Tests – how many versions of the Practice Test are available for each subject. I often see the same test version of a test come up when a student takes another Practice Test. Also, is there any way the Written Response portion of the RLA Practice Test can contribute to the score? Thank you. I’m going to look at your options for students who are not able to access the internet during these trying times. ~ Vicki

  8. I really am interested in continuing my education . I would like to check my final GED scores .

  9. Do you have any recommendation, based on data, which “tool” is the best in preparing students ?
    Steck-vaughn, Kaplan etc.
    There are so many and when the score report comes back, i see so many choices.
    We have used the Steck- Vaughn books 2014 and they are ok.
    Would appreciate your thoughts.

    1. Hi Anne,

      We work with both Steck-Vaughn and Kaplan. Both publishers have aligned their content to help students prepare for the GED test subjects and either one or both can be selected to use for class instruction.

      1. The problem I have with Kaplan is that their score reports for Science and Social Studies have only assigned pages from the “Practices” section of their lessons, nothing from the content chapters. That is not helpful.

  10. What Spanish books are linked with the Student Score report? I am wondering about Paxen Steck Vaughn Razonamiento Matematico and the workbook ISBN: 978-0-544-51753?

    Also, are you updating the Kaplan GED to Kaplan GED 2020?

  11. Is it possible to have the Steck Vaugh Complete PreGED text added as well for skill recommendations? This would be helpful.

  12. When a student take the GED ready for Reading a score for the essay is not currently given. It would be helpful to get more feedback for a student and the teacher.

  13. The idea of a wizard to help students better understand what they need to study sounds interesting…I would like to see how this may work

  14. Is it possible to align the format of the RLA Ready test to the actual test? My understanding from my students is that the writing is in the middle of the real test, not at the end like the GED Ready. It would be helpful to have the test questions in the same order as the real test; that would mean some questions, then the writing, then the rest of the questions.

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