I questioned whether or not I was smart enough to complete the GED program and whether I could persevere through it.


The challenge I faced while getting my GED was the language. I didn’t speak English and had to learn and am still learning.


People who didn’t believe in me is what motivated me. I wanted to prove to them that I could do it and that I could do more.


When I passed my GED test it was just an amazing feeling. I knew I had accomplished something I put so much work toward.


I realized without an education I would not get a better job so I had to take those next steps toward getting an education.


The biggest motivation had to be my kids. I wanted something better for them. Having dead-end jobs was just not enough.


I just remember my grandma always saying how important education was, so I decided to get my GED.


My biggest motivation was my family because they worked so hard to give me a better life.


GED has meant so much so it was only fitting I continue to work in education.


It served as a foundation to show the world my strength and ambition to become who I want to be.