Save The Date: GED® Grad Day is Thursday, May 16th!

Mark your calendars! Our annual GED Grad Day celebration will be held May 16th! 

We need your help recognizing GED graduates and all of their personal and professional accomplishments.

We’re asking adult education programs, educators, current test takers, graduates and friends and family members of graduates to join the celebration via social media.

You can start by following the GED Testing Service accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Please share your success stories, graduation photos and advice for grads via Facebook using the hashtag #GEDGradDay.

On May 16th we will be sharing some of your submissions in celebration of current GED graduates while encouraging students currently in the test taking process and others looking to take the first step in their journey.

Later this month we will share details about how you can join the virtual celebration on May 16th!


  1. Is there a physical graduation where the students are able to walk the stage with cap and gown, and receives a diploma..? If so, where do we obtain that information..?

    We currently live in Houston, Texas.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. Hi Nate,

      Physical graduations are arranged and held by local adult education programs. We encourage you to reach out to a program near you. This celebration will highlight graduates on social media.

    1. Hi Jannette,

      GED Grad Day is a virtual celebration on May 16th. You can share photos and join the celebration online through Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #GEDGradDay

    1. Hi!

      Congratulations! We do not have a physical graduation but you should contact your local adult education program to see if they have a ceremony planned.

  2. My grandauther passed her GED testing on May29.I would like to know how she can graduate with cap and gown.

    1. Hi Celia!

      Congratulations to your granddaughter! We don’t have an official graduation ceremony but we do encourage her to check with her local adult education program for upcoming ceremonies.

    1. Hi Sui,

      Congratulations!! We encourage you to contact your local adult education program for information related to graduation ceremonies. You can also participate in our virtual GED Grad Day celebration. The date for the celebration will be shared when it’s available.

    1. Hi Jawaan,

      Congratuations! This year’s GED Grad Day will be held May 14th. We do not have a physical ceremony but instead ask you to share your success story with us using #GEDGradDay on Facebook and Twitter

  3. I just started classes in May. I plan on taking the test in Aug of 2020. When would I be able to Graduate? Or have some type of achievement ceremony.

    1. Hi Khiyvon,

      We do not have an in-person ceremony but we do encourage you to share your success story with us once you’ve completed your credential. We will also share details about our next annual Grad Day event early next year.

  4. I passed my GED! I will not be able to attend the virtual graduation but I am very grateful for every teacher that has helped me. I hope God blesses everyone that has passed their GED with a bright future. God bless everyone!

  5. I won’t be able to attend the graduation but if I take the tests late will I still be able to get my diploma?? I heard from people that I will not be able to because I took the tests late after graduation

    1. Hi Dez,

      GED Grad Week is May 16 – May 20, 2022. It is a virtual celebration and there will not be an in-person ceremony. Please check with your local adult education programs for information about graduation ceremonies. Best of luck as you complete your GED journey!

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