Leadership Transition at GED Testing Service

We’re excited to announce that Vicki Greene is the new President of GED Testing Service.

Greene, a long-time member of our leadership team, has been appointed as Randy Trask’s successor. Randy Trask has taken an executive role within the Pearson Clinical Assessment business and will move into the role of chair for the GED Testing Service board.

Greene was GED Testing Service’s vice president and chief operations officer for seven years—leading the marketing, technology, operations, sales and public relations teams. 

Prior to joining GED Testing Service, Greene was vice president of operations at Deluxe Corporation, where she was responsible for creating and delivering end-to-end consulting services to financial institutions. 

In next month’s InSession you will get to know more about our new President in a feature article. Greene will share details about her personal and professional background as well as her vision for the GED test program under her leadership. The full announcement about the transition is available here


  1. Vicki is amazing! I’m so excited for to see her vision for the GED test program. Congratulations, and much success to you and your team!!

  2. I which the new President do something about: 1.- The big disadvantage are between senior citizen whom went to school 30 o more years ago. 2.- immigrants who doesn’t the whole history (can’t be learned in 6 months or less) 3.- The whole amount of pressure about thinking about is a clock is running in senior citizen. 4- the MOST important is. How in this world can we pass the GED test if we’re not getting classes any more? They only class the Community Collegue are teaching is Mathematics.

  3. Your organization is sharing GED certificates received by individuals to the public. In addition, your organization has failed to address this issue. Please fix.

    1. Hi Adrian,

      We do not share GED certificates with the public. GED success stories and any other information we share publicly has been done with the consent of the student or graduate.

  4. Well I hope she do something about the terrible services GED.COM is offering trough their Website. I have being trying for a week to buy the Pretest without success thanks to the bad services I ended taking my real Real GED test and fail. Now I have to pay to retake It again. To be honest this is TERRIBLE and so Expensive!! I can’t pay my electrical bill. I try to contact them several times by e-mail and by phone no luck. This is so much stress.

  5. You need to lower the GED test scores to 141. The math test is way too hard and unfair. There’s people that have taken the math test three times and can’t pass. I can’t get a job until I pass this ridiculous test.

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