How to Help Your Students Succeed with the Online Proctored GED® Test

Since the launch of the Online Proctored GED test last spring, we have made updates to help more students earn their GED credential from home.

Some test centers remain closed, and others have with limited capacity and hours due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This remote testing option was created to help GED students complete their credential and remains an option for eligible students in participating states.

Here’s a reminder of what you and your students should know:

Let your students know that the Online Proctored (O.P.) GED® test is an option to them.

  • State-by-state information about online testing is available here:
  • Eligible students need to have a computer, webcam and internet, quiet and private workspace, a government-issued ID and ‘Green’ GED Ready score within the last 60 days.

All the information students need to know about the O.P. test is available on

  • Students can find information about eligibility, an overview of the testing process, exam rules, FAQs and more on our student online testing webpage.

Before test day students should practice with the Whiteboard tool to get comfortable before they test.

Students must complete the online system check before scheduling—to make sure their equipment works properly.

  • Students should do a system test to make sure their computer, webcam and internet connection meet the requirements for testing online.

Students should know that the content on the O.P. test is the same content they would see when testing in person.

  • Test questions, timing and scoring are the same as tests taken in person at authorized test centers.


  1. Is there a Frequently Asked Questions section or some trouble-shooting tips for students that are having issues during their check-in process right before they take an OP GED test?

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