Partners Offering the GEDWorks™ Program

Here’s a look at some of the employers, nonprofit organizations, and healthcare plans offering the GEDWorks benefit:

  • KFC
  • Taco Bell
  • Murphy USA
  • UCare
  • Pizza Hut
  • Stitch Fix
  • Sheetz
  • Total Wine & More
  • Southeastern Grocers
  • Charter Manufacturing
  • The Cheesecake Factory
  • The Carlstar Group
  • Solid Comfort
  • Manpower

Currently, more than 75 partners are offering the GEDWorks benefit. More information about the GEDWorks program and additional partners can be found on

We expect additional health plan providers, non-profit organizations, and companies to join the ranks and offer the GEDWorks program as more partners commit to helping their employees and members pursue their professional, academic, and personal goals.

An overwhelming majority, 71% of GEDWorks participants, are more loyal to their employer because the GEDWorks program is offered. GEDWorks students are also 39% more likely to earn their diplomas than students who are pursuing a GED credential on their own. Students receive online GED study materials in English and Spanish throughout the program, practice tests, access to a bilingual personal advisor, connections to local adult education programs, and free GED tests.

Additional information about the GEDWorks program and GEDWorks success stories are available here.

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    GED Team,
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    Career Hunt is an independent organisation which aims for a better academic future for the current and upcoming generations. We have our own office space at different regions of Dhaka that guide many candidates. A partnership would be much appreciated and well utilized.
    Founder of career hunt

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