IT Specialist Certification for GED® Graduates 

Pearson VUE’s IT Specialist Certification program helps newcomers to the tech industry build foundational knowledge and develop skills that jumpstart career paths and fill crucial skills gaps. This program can help your learners earn certification for entry-level IT positions.

The program features a variety of topics catering to every interest — from network security and databases to HTML, JavaScript and more. And it features everything students need to get certified, including learning materials, interactive labs and practice tests.

The IT skills gap has been growing for years. And because technology moves so fast,  it won’t be shrinking any time soon. At the same time, in today’s competitive job market, professionals need to differentiate themselves more than ever. And for those just getting started in IT or considering a career shift to tech, one of the most effective ways to do that is with IT certifications.

 IT certifications power career growth 

A recent survey* found that after earning a new certification:

  • 77% of respondents enhanced their professional profiles
  • 76% gained increased respect from their peers
  • 61% moved into a coveted IT job role

The challenge many students face is the relative lack of fundamental IT certifications for professionals new to IT. Most IT certifications assume a certain amount of experience that those just starting a career in IT simply don’t yet have.

Help them take the next step toward achieving their career goals

You can help them bridge that gap and navigate the certification path with the Information Technology Specialist program. Focused on fundamentals, the program’s 15 certification exams help people interested in technology prove their knowledge across topics like software development, database administration, networking and security, coding, and more. Plus, they can demonstrate their commitment to upskilling, grow their confidence, and become more competitive.

Many of the certifications in the IT Specialist program will also help prepare aspiring professionals for higher-level certifications from companies such as CompTIA, Microsoft, and AWS — leading to exciting careers in fields that demand cloud and cybersecurity expertise.

Everything you need to get students certified 

And it’s more than just the certification exams. You can help prepare your students for the IT workforce with valuable learning materials, practice tests, and certification exams. Supplementing your curriculum with the following materials is easy and seamless:

  • Video-based e-learning courseware
  • Interactive labs
  • Prescriptive study guides

Learn more about the ways you can support your students as they embark on IT career paths. Visit our website to get started.

*Pearson VUE, 2021 Value of IT Certification Report

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