Interview: Vicki Greene, President of GED Testing Service

In this month’s Q&A feature we learn more about GED Testing Service’s new President Vicki Greene.

Tell us more about your background.

After graduating college as a Public Relations major, I was hoping to start a career in broadcasting. I had an internship with a newspaper and loved the idea of writing and telling people’s stories. After my internship ended, I needed to find a job with a salary. I interviewed for an entry-level project manager role with NCR (a global software provider). They were starting to roll-out cash registers that scanned barcodes and I managed large projects working with the sales and operations teams. I then moved into consulting for a large customer, managing their outsourced IT contract. I continued to love process improvement, leading teams and figuring out complex challenges. 

I left Deluxe, the check printing company, back in 2012 to lead the technology and operations teams at GEDTS. It was a pivotal time, as we were transitioning from a paper test to a computer test. I feel incredibly fortunate to work with the GED team, with our states, adult educators, partners, and most of all our students—I love my job!

Where did you grow up and what was your family life like?

I grew up in a suburb of St. Paul, MN, as the oldest of four children. I have a sister that’s 18 months younger and two younger brothers. Both of my parents are from families with eight children, so we always had a lot of cousins, aunt and uncles visiting our house. I lived two houses down from my grandma and four houses away from my cousins. 

We grew up on a lake so most of our summers were spent swimming, boating and being around our extended family. We were a very active family and enjoyed playing basketball, baseball/softball, golf or just being outside. My siblings and I were gifted with being quite tall and used it to our advantage when competing in sports. 

 Who have been your strongest influences in life? 

My family is my main influence. They make sure I stay focused on what’s truly important. They are always there for me—when times are good and when times are tough. I have also had many influential leaders who have taught me strong life lessons on always making the right decisions even when they are tough. I am surrounded by influential members of the GED team as well. Every day I see passionate, driven, kind individuals who are truly focused on our learners and how to put them on the path of fulfilling dreams and aspirations.

 What is a typical day like for you?

I am usually up by 5 am and start my day with a walk or a workout. After that I make lunches, start laundry, clean the kitchen and fire up my laptop. My work day is filled with a number of activities including meetings with the GED team, states, publishers and internal partners. I then commute home and attend my children’s soccer, volleyball, or basketball practices. The rest of my evening is filled with family time including dinner and homework and I start preparing for the next day before going to sleep.

What are some of your day-to-day activities as President?

I meet with the leadership team, conduct 1:1 meetings, and plan for the days and weeks ahead. The meeting topics include conferences, presentations, travel, budgets, priorities, 2020 planning and much more. I am very focused on how we can continually improve, grow and advance. Every day is different, challenging, exciting and fun!

What is your vision for the organization moving forward? 

I want every employer to see the value in investing in their employee’s education. I want every adult who has had challenging circumstances to look at the GED as a pathway of changing directions to a brighter future. I want students to feel empowered to learn, grow and advance to earning their GED. My goal is to offer hope, and a future through education to those that may not feel that is possible.

What do you like to do for fun?

I love going on walks, bike rides, golfing, going out with friends, and most of all I love hanging out with my kids! We love to play basketball and golf. We also enjoy swimming, working out, and taking road trips. I appreciate any time I can be near the ocean with my kids and husband. We love just being together.

What are some organizations you belong to or activities you do outside of work?

I coach my daughter’s seventh grade basketball team and I have coached her team since she was in kindergarten. I love coaching and wish I had more time to do it. I coached my son’s basketball team and my older daughter’s volleyball team. I am also part of the Junior Achievement advisory board and the Creating IT Futures board.

 What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess?

Empathy. I know that I can’t always know what’s happening in someone’s life, but I know that everyone has something they are fighting against, working through or dealing with. Our work is only a portion of who we are and what we do, and it’s so important that we keep our work in perspective.  

What are you most proud of accomplishing?

Being a mom of three children doesn’t compare to anything else I have accomplished. Each child is so different, yet so incredible in their own way. I learn so much from them, and they teach me more than I will ever teach them. It’s my greatest joy watching them grow, I only wish I could slow down time.

What’s the best book you’ve ever read?

I love and highly recommend the current book I am reading, ‘Awakening Joy’ by James Baraz. The book focuses on many effective ways to have more happiness, love and inner peace—including how to change your mindset and thoughts about even the most challenging situations.  

 What is your favorite type of music?

I love country, 70’s and 80’s, and relaxing music.

 If you could only eat one thing everyday what would it be?

If I could eat one thing, it would be chocolate.


  1. I am 55 I have taken the Math GED 4 times. My senior year in Jigh school I was pregnant so I didnt graduate however I have been on my job 30 plus years with 4 different companies. March 2019 the company moved to Dallas,Tx. My question why I have to wait 60 days to take the test again?

  2. Can a person that’s having anxiety and depression issues take the test by bubbling in the answer the old fashion way instead of the computer ?

  3. Hi I think if I were planning to go to college after taking this test I could understand why I needed all these test but I just want to proved to me that I could pass it but I tell you look as if I’m making a fool out of myself causes in 2012 I took it several times I just knew I could now I’m taking class and wondering what is the use trying to hold out for me causeI tell my self that I owe this to me I cry every Tuesday and Thursday while I’m in class my teacher just look at me I’m praying I go to pray meeting after all I just hope it worth thank for letting me vent.

  4. I have passed everything but math failed it by five points it’s so discouraging I been out of school for more than 20 years why do I have to take the whole math test over instead of just taking the math part and just pass the five questions I that i failed

  5. I served 22 years in the Army and retired June 2019. I took the GED test in August 1996 at Robert E Lee High School Adult Education Program located in Houston Texas. I joined the Army August 1996. I called the Texas board of education and there is no record found. Now I am not able to pursue my dream job due to I have no GED transcripts to further my education.

  6. Who cares about the nonsense. What about the GED. Why must it be like rocket science to comprehend? And just how many are comprehending? Why must you make it a money matter to keep people down that don’t have the money to have to repay to retest. Criminatical!

  7. I took the GED test in December 2013 and scored 2745 and failed the math part by two points. They should’ve gave me my GED so now I have to retake it and start over. As a single parent I can’t get up and go to classes so what kind of help is available for me. Why they can’t offer free online high school diplomas for adults as well so we can go back to school at home.

  8. The scores should be lowered to 140. Not only do I speak for myself. I’m speaking for other people also. I’m on my 5th attempt and have made the same 144 each time

    1. I totally agree…I failed twice by 8 points (142)..mayb they should change how the do the scoring. I’m in quarantine studying now for the 3rd attempt. I recently saw an email that said the new pass is 145 and not 150, means I still failed by 3 points

  9. I took the two remaining test and never received my scores but was told I passed one subject and not the other why diddnt i get the card as proof ?

  10. People shouldn’t have to pay for a GED test that’s absurd. And you keep raising the requirements making it harder for them to obtain it. People that’s taking the test is mostly low income and the math test is hardly ever passed on the first or second try. You at least should get at least three trys with that fee. Also the GED takers should have the same opportunity offered to them to get the GED as all of the options they have to get a high school diploma, but the department of education uses it as another financial gain. GED takers should have the options to do packets and turn them in and taking classes online to.get their GED. I’ve known people coming out of prison with a GED and still cant read or add 2+2. And it took a couple of months for them . Stop the madness and open up more doors for more people can actually get a GED without going broke on a math test. Lower those scores its not like they will ever use it again.

  11. NEEDS TO FIX THEIR FRACTURED SYSTEM for people that tested before 1990. It was a TRAVESTY. SOMEONE needs to Fix that Situation for the Betterment of Folks wanting to Improve their lives but Can’t because GED.COM LOST MY GED AND NOBODY WOULD JUST “READ MY ALREADY INPUTTED INFORMATION “. IT WAS A LIVING NIGHTMARE. FIX THE WAY PEOPLE NEED HELP WITH BEFORE 1990 TESTING SITUATIONS. I passed and gave my Name,SS# previous address when I took,and Passed the Test,BUT NOBODY COULD FIND IT,WITH BLACK AND WHITE VERY CLEAR INFORMATION, and NOBODY except a Lady from a Professional Background Search from the Department of Education in The State of CALIFORNIA, but Why Didn’t ANYBODY JUST READ MY INFORMATION, then Give it to me.REDICULOUS,but I Finally Got It after 3 Full Year’s. WONDERS NEVER CEASE. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🙄🤔🤬🤬🤬🥵👩‍🎓🎯🥰😎

  12. Delores A. Saraficio
    I am a GED Instructor at Tohono O’odham Community College in Sells, AZ. We received a grant for our program and purchased GED test vouchers for our students. We had a few left and expected to use them before they expired. Unfortunately the pandemic hit, testing halted., and vouchers expired. I contacted GEDTS and was told that I needed to contact the place where I purchased the vouchers. When I went to the Pearson Vue website I finally found your name and a way to contact you. Our program would like to have those vouchers reinstated so we could use them. It was not our fault they expired during the shut down. Please help.

  13. Is there a test for people over 70 .Some of my class mates have been in my GED class for 5yrs. Is there an easier test for seniors. We are not trying to get a job we just wanted to complete one part of our life if you can help us please let me know thank you.

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