Interview: Pimchanok (Tara) Sutthisiriwattana, GED International Marketing Manager

This month we’re highlighting our new International Marketing Manager, Pimchanok (Tara) Sutthisiriwattana.

Tara joined the GED Testing Service team in February 2020 and is a 2010 GED graduate.

What will you be doing as the GED International Marketing Manager?

I am based in Bangkok, Thailand. I will be working with the US-based Marketing team, helping manage our efforts internationally, with emphasis on the Asia region and South Africa. In addition to working with prep partners in Thailand, I will also work with our partners in  Bangladesh, Pakistan and South Africa. As the International Marketing Manager, I will develop and launch marketing campaigns and assist with running our social media accounts as we continue to grow the visibility of the International GED test program. 

Could you tell us more about your personal background and your experience as a GED graduate.

I’m an ESL (English as a Second Language) learner from Thailand. My GED journey started in 2010 after deciding I wanted to enter university early. I was looking for international diploma accreditation and the GED was a great fit for me. I was in a prep course for six to seven hours a week and did self-study every day. It took me around three months to pass the GED test.

After passing the test, I attended the University of Newcastle, Australia to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I have since been working as a marketing professional for six years handling various domestic and international projects in the government, science and beverage industries.

What is something you’ve learned since joining GED Testing Service that you didn’t know as a GED graduate?

The exam has changed since I took it (I tested prior to the release of the 2014 version)—it has also been great to see how students feel about the GED credential. I see that there are so many different reasons for getting a GED. No matter where you live you are able to write your own story. 

What was your biggest motivation during your GED journey?

My parents were my biggest support system.

It felt super amazing to accomplish this step in life and it was very meaningful for me to see my parents proud of my success.The GED was a strong foundation and gave me many opportunities to explore the world.

What do you enjoy doing in your down time outside of work?

I like baking—croissants are my favorite thing to make. I also enjoy wakeboarding and I am a trained barista.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this. Tara, I’ll be sharing your story with my daughter who, as a fourteen year old, is researching her options of further study after GED.

    As an education professional, teacher, trainer and teacher-coach living in India where the GED is not recognised, it had been difficult for my wife and me to decide what to do for our daughter’s education since she had studied in an international school where Hindi was not mandatory, and with a high level of Hindi mandatory for enrolment in higher grades in India and a heavy tuition system that over-burdens kids to get high school scores, we finally decided to let our daughter continue to grow through life experiences and guided study at home and have her do the GED when she’s of age, putting us right against the general social flow and mindset.

    Your story came at just the right time to show possibilities and not stop dreaming for her. I would love to see GED come to India, but am not sure if it ever will or even gain recognition. I loved your comment on how regardless of where they are, people can write their own stories.

    I wish you all the very best in your efforts to expand the reach of the GED and empower our Asian region. I do hope someday it will reach India.

    With regards,

  2. Hi,
    Are there any GED testing centres in Queensland, Australia?
    How do we help a person who relocated from South Africa to complete the GED in Aus?
    Thank you.

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