Change to Redeeming GED Ready® Vouchers

Late in 2018 we made it easier for students to purchase a GED Ready directly on

This change makes buying a GED Ready easier for students, however the change also impacts the way educators and students should now redeem vouchers.

See below for important information about how to redeem GED Ready vouchers, and to better understand what students will see when they purchase GED Ready tests:

If You Already Have a GED Ready Voucher:

  • Students should log into their account and go to “Study” then select “Practice”
  • It is important to not click on the buttons “Buy 1-Subject” or “Buy All 4-Subjects” if you are redeeming a voucher.
  • Instead, look below the “buy” buttons for the highlighted link that reads “Have a voucher code? Redeem now



Students Who Purchase GED Readys

After a student purchases a GED Ready test on the students will receive an order confirmation from—this has details and pricing of the order (screenshot below).

Based on whether a student is existing or new, they’ll receive either:

  • If the student is new and doesn’t have a account they’ll receive an email which provides a password token to set up their account and utilize their GED Ready voucher or;
  • If the student has an account, an email which reminds the student to log in to and to access their GED Ready purchase.

After logging- in students will see a message on their home page providing them with the ability to “access” their purchased GED Ready. They will need to “access” their purchase through the VUE order process. The order will be for zero $0 dollars. Once they’ve accessed their GED Ready purchase, then they can launch the product within VUE or from their home page. VUE will send a zero $0 dollars order confirmation (looks like an invoice) indicating they now have the ability to launch their GED Ready and their home page message will change indicating they can now launch their GED Ready.

Currently this is how the VUE system is configured, but we are working with them to find a way to stop this email from being generated and sent to students.

*This article was updated 1/17/2019 to include additional instructions for redeeming vouchers.


  1. Who issues the vouchers? I am in the state of Ohio. Ohio has vouchers for the actual test but we have not seen vouchers for the practice GED Ready test.

    Thank you for your help

  2. Why is this so complicated? Using a voucher code when purchasing a practice test had been extremely easy and user friendly. Your changes seem to make it so much more complicated. Bad call, GEDtesting service.

  3. Recently I have had 3 different students try to take a GED practice test using a voucher provided by our Adult Ed. Center and when they got to the page where they were asked if they wanted to take the test in Spanish or English, the “Continue” button was not activated and we could go no further in the process. The student tonight had no messages or alerts which would explain this. What do we need to do in order to proceed. We are deadlocked at that point.

      1. Danielle, Hello I’ve taken two parts of my GED already and i still have not received a voucher. I want to finish my GED but i need the voucher. I’ve tried many times to contact the customer service via phone, chat and email but dont get a response. Can you help me please?

  4. Omg I’m so confuse I bought 3 vouchers but the numbers doesn’t work , I text them and told me they can’t not help me … I don’t know what to do need help!!!!!!!

  5. If a voucher list has printed on it: “MUST BE USED BY OCTOBER 7, 2020,” does that mean the voucher is good ON OCTOBER 7 or only UP TO OR ON OCTOBER 6?

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