“Treat Yourself” to Over 50% Off GED Ready Tests

No tricks, just treats with this month’s GED Ready promotion for students!

Starting October 15, students can take advantage of this un “boo-lievable” deal and purchase GED Ready subjects for $2.99 each— $11.96 for all four subjects.

“Witch-ever” option they choose, students can purchase the GED Ready subjects through their GED.com accounts and the GED Marketplace using the code: TREATYOURSELF

While ghosts, ghouls and goblins may stir up a fright, please hurry this promo expires Halloween night!



  1. how can i receive GED brochures and anything that pertains to the GED test, I oversee GED preparation classes; i saw on Linkdin , there was a woman standing by a GED upright banner, with a GED tablecloth and small notebooks , and sticky pads that pertain to GED and white GED plastic bags. The banner reads: GED Opening doors to brighter future and shows 3 individuals , Eunice, Yiming and Felix. I attend workshops and this would a great resource to utilize.

  2. For the TREATYOURSELF promotion on GED Ready, is there a time limit on the tests? In the past when you have done promotions like this, the discounted tests needed to be used by a certain date or the cost was refunded to the student and they had to rebuy tests at full price. I want to be sure of this prior to promoting this opportunity to the students. Thank you,

    Andy Albee

  3. When does this offer expires? How long do you have to take exam after purchasing GED Ready before expiration?


    1. Hi Kim,

      We do not have flyers available for this promo but we are doing outreach on our social media channels and GED.com. Feel free to create your own flyers and share the promotion with your students using the graphics.

  4. This is not a comment but a question: by when do the students have to use this GED Ready test “special”?

    1. Hi Jeff,

      Yes, you can purchase vouchers for your students. We do not have a limit on the number of times the code can be used within the promotional period.

  5. You keep answering the question about the end date the same way (“practice test vouchers expire twelve (12) months from the date of their purchase.”) but we keep asking because you haven’t directly addressed your past policy and whether this is a change or not. Your policy has ALWAYS stated that it expires 12 months from the date of their purchase and yet that has NOT been the case with promotions. As others have already written, previously PearsonVue/GEDTesting service would tell the student that their test had expired the day after the promotion ended and they were forced to purchase another test at the full price. So, please don’t tell me it expires in 12 months. Please tell me whether this is different than in the past otherwise it seems you aren’t understanding our concerns or aren’t actually aware of the problem. Thank you for this very important clarification and reassurance.

    1. I had students purchase tests last week and the expiration date was in February, definitely not 12 months. And, I’m still worried that they’ll actually expire on Nov 1st, since this has always been what happened in the past despite the expiration date stating it was longer.

      1. Hi Zoe,

        When a GED Ready voucher is purchased the students have 12 months to redeem that voucher for a GED Ready test. Once the voucher is redeemed for an exam, the student has 120 days to complete the test. The vouchers your students purchased during the October promotion will not expire on November 1st.

  6. Will there be any discounts upcoming for the full tests? I would like to get my ged but can’t afford $30 a test.

    1. Hi Bailey,

      At this time we do not have a promotion that offers discounts on the operational GED tests. We do recommend that you take advantage of the promos related to study tools and we will be sure to advertise any future promotions we have coming up.

  7. I am an educator that is here trying to get information on purchasing the practice test for the entire class. How can our school get/pay for vouchers for a number of students?

  8. when is the next ready test promo due? I am eager to buy my last two ready tests with the upcoming or next ready test promo. please let me know when will I expect the next promo arrive so, I can buy them asap thanks

    1. Hi Nadine,

      We offer several different promos throughout the year. We will be sure to share our next promo in the InSession newsletter.

  9. I purchased the Math exam for $12.00 and a prep test for $6.00. I never received a code to take my prep test in my email or on my phone. Im scheduled to take the GED Math Exam this Monday @3:45. I would like to take my prep test prior seeing how it was purchased. I also have on my conf email something that says not applicable? Dont know why???

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