Using the GED Ready® Practice Test and Performance Level Descriptors

One of the best ways that learners can study and prepare to take their GED test is by utilizing the GED Ready Practice tests.

Since the questions on the practice tests are just like the real ones on the GED test, learners are highly likely to succeed on the official GED test subjects.

The GED Ready Practice tests are written and designed by the creators of the actual exam. Therefore, no other practice test will be as perfectly aligned as the GED Ready. Learners are able to see firsthand what to expect on their test day and what exactly they need to study to prepare.

Our practice test is also the only practice test that tells you how you will do on the actual test. Once learners finish taking the GED Ready practice test, learners will receive an indicator of how likely they are to pass the real thing.

If learners score in the Green Zone (145-200), it means that they are most likely to pass the official GED test. If they score in the Yellow Zone (134-144), it means that the student just needs a little more practice before attempting to take the actual test. If learners score in the Red Zone (100-133), it means the student is not likely to pass the GED test. You can learn more and view detailed descriptions about each GED Ready score by using the performance level descriptors.

With GED Ready, learners can save time on GED prep with the custom study plan with their preferred study tool to spend time specifically on areas that they need to improve on. GED Ready will even point out the exact chapter and pages that need to study with will save the student time.

Learners can purchase the GED Ready subject tests through their accounts. Educators can use GED Marketplace and GED Manager to purchase GED Ready for learners.  


  1. It would be great if every year for one month the GED Board lower the GED tests scores too 140 instead of 145

    Just to give you the people who is struggling a chance to pass the GED test if you have a chance at a decent life because without a high school diploma it is hard out here to get a good job I mean a good paying job but you can feel good about yourself and not feel ashamed so just for one month every year lower test scores to 140

    We never know whoever thought that you could take the GED test at home

  2. I scored green on the GED Ready test but would like to know an exact score. That’s my only complaint. The website worked well and has zero flaws or technical issues on Chromebook laptop.

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