GED Program Updates

News and updates for September 2020:

  • Illinois offering discounted GED testing for state residents: Students can take any of the four GED test subjects for $10 each using a discount code. Eligible students can find more information in their accounts and terms and conditions are available here.
  • August Tuesdays for Teachers recording available: Our latest webinar shared resources and strategies for virtual instruction as many GED students return to classes and new students start their journey. The full recording and materials are available here.
  • Nominate your student for GED Graduate of the Month: Each month we’re selecting a GED graduate with an inspiring story about their GED journey. Winners receive an iPad and are featured on our social media channels. Submit your nomination today!


  1. Question regarding new policy/retakes of O.P. failed tests: Since the retake is online, does the candidate have to take a GED Ready test/Green before they are eligible for for a post-failed test retake? (So the candidate would have taken a GED Ready test/Green before the test, then fail the test, then have to take another GED Ready test in order to be eligible for the O.T. retake. Correct?)

    1. Hi Kathryn,

      GED Ready Green is only required within 60 days of scheduling a first test in that subject. It is not required for a retake on that subject.

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