GED® Program Updates

News, updates and promotions for September 2019:

  • Test Retake Policy Reminder—After taking a test subject three times, Testers will have to wait 60 days before retesting. But, there’s no limit to how many times they can test in a year. Additional information about this policy can be found in this previous ‘Ask GEDTS’ article.
    *State rules may vary. Please visit our policy pages to find information specific to your state.
  • Candidate MisconductThis is a reminder to TEST ADMINISTRATORS that if you suspect misconduct you should have the Tester leave the testing room immediately and put the test in unscheduled break mode. Please let the test time out. DO NOT stop the test. You can log into VSS for more information.
  • BlogGED: Student blog launches on—Check out our new blog dedicated to GED students! Topics include frequently asked questions about the GED credential, how to sign up for the test and much more!

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