GED Program Updates

News, updates and promotions for October 2018:

  • Did you know that the GED test was offered in over 85 countries last year? At our recent International GED Summit in Kuala Lumpur, GED Testing Service’s Vicki Greene, CT Turner and Ann Evers shared updates about the GED test program with our International GED partners and met with graduates. Here’s a recap of the event.
  • Educate and Elevate Campaign—The national Educate and Elevate campaign highlights the value of adult education and the critical need for continued funding. Last month the FY19 Labor-HHS bill was signed giving Adult Education $641M for fiscal year 2019, which represents a $25M increase over fiscal year 2018. More information about this and how you can get involved in the ongoing effort is available here.
  • Changes coming to the RLA test screen—In a recent webinar we reviewed the updates coming to the RLA test interface in 2019 and discussed ongoing research we’re doing to improve the usability and effectiveness of the GED score reports. The full presentation and a downloadable pdf are available here.


  1. I look for option to take the final exam in my country but it’s not in the how can I take exam after completing my study?

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