GED® Program Updates

News, updates and promotions for March 2020:

  • GED Grad Day 2020: Mark your calendars! This year’s GED Grad Day will be held Thursday, May 14th. More details to come!
  • NJ GED Passing Score Change: The New Jersey Department of Education has adopted the recommended GED test passing score of 145. Prior to this policy change GED students were required to earn a score of 150 on all four GED test subjects. The official press release is available here
  • FL GED Sign-Up Day: April 2 from 11 am to 4 pm, students in South Florida can come to select Starbucks locations and learn more about the GED program. Adult educators will be on-site to help attendees set up a account and Florida residents can take advantage of a free GED Ready promo. More information is available here
  • Congratulations! Hancock State Prison recently hosted a ceremony where 24 students from the Georgia Department of Corrections were recognized for earning their High School Equivalency Diplomas. See a picture from the ceremony here


  1. Due to COVID and stay in place orders, why is there no attempt to accommodate GED testing by virtual means?? Proctoring can be accomplished by virtual monitoring of testers, with affidavits by testers and utilizing other responsible adults monitoring the tester as well.

    1. Hi Kathleen,

      We are aware of online proctoring and we are actively working on solutions to accommodate students that are unable to test due to test center closures. Please note that these solutions do take time to vet and we will keep students and educators updated about the process.

  2. Due to the coronavirus, all colleges and high schools are close down and the student are allow to study at home online. I heard that the state test might be taking at home online to. so why can’t the GED be taking at home online just like other schools and colleges the GED practice test that we take at home online could be the official test, for those that are ready to take the test. Please think about it

  3. Can i take my ged test online? I graduatrd high school but i didn’t get my diploma becaude if medical problems i missed the last2 months of school and evwn though i had 21 credits they srill wouldnt give mr my diploma. Can i help?

    1. Hi Cynthia,

      The GED test is not available online. Due to COVID-19 we are working on an online proctored version of the GED test. When that option is available we will share more information.

  4. If you are signed into a program like why can’t the pre-test in subjects be counted as the test you have to pay to take the pretest so why not?

    1. Hi Theresa,

      The GED Ready practice test is not the official GED test. The practice test shows how likely you are to pass the official GED test subjects and does not count towards the GED credential.

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