GED® Program Updates

News, updates and promotions for March 2019:

  • Early Bird Registration for GEDTS 2019 Annual Conference ends March 31st! Sign up today and join us in Downtown Chicago, July 24 – 26, 2019 for our annual conference.
  • GED Manager Update: Student Authorized View users have the option to receive an email when a student signs up at a Prep Center. If the user is associated with multiple Prep Centers they can choose which Prep Centers send notifications.
  • The new GED Flash webpage has an updated look with FAQs to help students learn more about the study tool. You can check it out here:
  • New test security flyer for educators—We’ve created a new flyer with tips and reminders about how educators can help us protect the value of the GED credential. The flyer can be downloaded here.

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  1. One Ged counselor has told me that she doesn’t fore-see any changes on the Ged layout.

    Do you plan on changing the Ged layout? The reason why I ask is…,
    I have one more subject to do and I would hate having to start all over again.
    If this is correct. Please confirm it.

    Thank you… Sincerely.
    Melissa Dearth

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