GED Program Updates

News, updates and promotions for June 2018:

  • InSession on hiatus in July: We’ll be back in August with recaps of the GED Testing Service Annual Conference and much more!
  • GED Flash for Organizations™ promo: Now through August 31st, adult education and GED prep programs can take advantage of an introductory offer. This offer gives programs access to GED Flash for 14 months at the 12-month price and GED Ready practice tests for $2 each. Please visit or contact your state relationship manager for details. We’re offering a promotion for students too! Now through July 15th students can get $3 off when they purchase GED Flash using the code: SUMMERFLASH, more details are available here.
  • 2018 GED Annual Conference overflow hotel options: Registration for the GED Annual Conference is still open but spots are filling fast! The Westin Gaslamp is already sold out for Tuesday through Friday—we are offering a group rate at the nearby Bristol Hotel for conference attendees. Registration information is available here.
  • Name Change Policy Update: Once a tester is credentialed, GED Testing Service will not support name changes due to marriage or divorce. Please remind testers to create an account that matches the ID they will use on test day, and to keep in mind that the name on their account will be the name on their credential. More information about state testing policies can be found here.




    1. Hi Sara,

      The specific details about which ID’s are acceptable depends a little bit on which state you are taking the test. However, all states require an ID with a photo and signature. Because of that, a Birth Certificate alone is not enough. The specific ID requirements can be found when you log into your GED account and select “Test Tips” from the menu. You can also call us at 1-877-EXAM-GED (877-392-6433) with your ID related questions.

  1. Will the text it self change this year I heard it changes every 5 years and if you are not finished you will have to start over

    1. Hi Renada,

      There are no plans to change from the 2014 test version and scores will not be erased or eliminated.

    1. There are currently no plans to lower the GED test scores required to earn a credential.

  2. The GED test score really needs to be lowered to 140. It is really hard for us older people that want to accomplish getting our ged so we can get better jobs

  3. The GED math test score needs to be lowered to 140. It’s ridiculously hard and impassable. I have passed the other three tests and I’m now stuck because of this math test. I can’t get a job or move forward until I pass this ridiculous test. How am I supposed to get a job if I can’t get my GED?

  4. You people need to lower this ridiculously high math test score to 140. The test is way too hard. There’s so many people that are stuck because of this. We can’t afford to re take this test to numerous times. I can’t get a job until I get my GED. Fix this issue today!

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