GED® Program Updates

News, updates and promotions for January 2019:

  • Save the Date! Join us January 29, 2019 at 3:30 pm ET for this month’s Tuesdays for Teachers webinar, Moving UP!—Mathematical Reasoning. This session will focus on strategies and activities that can help students master core math skills. Register today!
  • Reminder! We’ve made changes to the RLA test screen including an updated response box and reformatted instructions. Learn more about the changes in this previous InSession article.
  • The Spanish version of the Extended Response (ER) scoring tool is now available under “Free Classroom Resources” on English and Spanish versions of the ER scoring tool are also available on the GED Manager homepage.


  1. I cannot get the science classes in the video library, all the other 3 topics for my GED are there but NOT the science classes!!!

  2. One of my fellow associates gave me wind that GEDTS had changed the requirements of the Science test, no longer including 2 Short Answer responses. When did that change? I looked it up on your website last week and indeed, that was the case. This will change not my focus, since the students still need to understand Scientific Method, but the way I am teaching it and checking for understanding. I realize I need your updates to know how best to keep abreast of the changes in the test. I informed one of my other colleagues of the new format of the test. She was grateful to me for updating her on the change in the Science test. I will encourage my fellow co-laborers to get on your update mailing list as well.

  3. When will the powerpoint be available for the January 29, 2019 webinar “Moving Up – Mathematical Reasoning”?

  4. I’m a lead instructor at Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria, CA. 93454. I have heard from a fellow instructor that there are some major changes happening to the test. I have looked over the web site and the changes you have listed above, but I’m not sure what “major” changes you have made. Can you fill me in on anything recent.

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