GED Program Updates

News, updates and promotions for February 2019:

  • Early Bird Registration for 2019 GED Annual ConferenceNow through March 31st you can take advantage of discounted pricing for our annual conference! Register today and join us July 24-26, 2019 in Downtown Chicago.
  • Test Center Upgrades in 2020—As technology and security demands increase, it becomes necessary to retire support for older operating systems. Starting January 14, 2020 the Pearson VUE Test Center software will not work on any Windows 7 operating systems, or any 32 bit operating systems including 32-bit Windows 10 operating systems. This coincides with Microsoft’s plan to discontinue extended support for Windows 7. Please note that this is only for Test Center software. and GED Ready testing will continue to function through the typical browsers, regardless of what operating system they are installed on.
  • GED Manager Account Update—User accounts will now be inactivated after 180 days of not logging into GED Manager. If you attempt to log in after this period of time you will be notified that your account is inactive. Inactive users that still need GED Manager will have to go through a process of being re-approved for access.


  1. Hello,

    I would like to know, if there’s any promo codes that are offered for 2019?

    I know several people that would like to take of advantage of GED online, please advise.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Katherine,

      We share any ongoing promotions via email and the InSession newsletter. Please check each month to learn about our future promotions.

    1. Hi!

      Please check with the university you are applying to and confirm that they are accepting the GED credential.

      1. For alabama is changing it to 140 they voting on the 3rd to kick out standardized testing and common core so be on the look out 😁

  2. If I passed the LA, Science & social science in 2019 but not the math, will I still be able to take the math in 2020 & get my GED certificate or will I have to start all over?

  3. Hello I was told there are five different versions of the Ged test so why when you score example like for me 141-142 they suggest you work on certain skills to Boost score and when you work on that and take the test again you score even lower I think the same test should be given when you scored higher because the math which I’m struggling with and you get a whole new test and it’s confusing so basically you have to accumulate and learn all this new material and still end up failing I really think the test is or has been harder over the years I’m still Striving to pass this math since that’s the only thing I’m lacking

  4. Hi. I read that GED has recently undergone some changes. Should I purchase new study books that reflect the most recent changes or can I continue to use my books from 2018 and 2019? Please advise.

  5. Got my GED in August 2018
    It was on of the best things to happen
    in my life after a lot of people doubted
    me I proved them wrong.

  6. Hi ,

    I have been preparing for my ged 2020 .
    When can I write it please and which ged center can I go to ?

    1. Hi,

      We’re happy to hear you are starting your GED journey. You can learn more about study resources and scheduling a test date by creating a free account.

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