GED Program Updates

News, updates and promotions for April 2020:

  • COVID-19 Test Center Closures: Please note that GED Testing Service does not determine if test centers have limited hours, or close for any period of time due to the pandemic. Third-party test centers delivering the GED test make these decisions based on guidance or orders from state and local governments, or from entities where the test centers reside (e.g. schools or colleges).
  • 2020 GED Testing Annual Conference Postponed: Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, this year’s conference in Atlanta has been postponed. More information about a new date will be shared soon. 
  • GED Manager Internet Explorer Users: We will continue to manage GED Manager updates for Internet Explorer 11 through August 1, 2020. We are no longer supporting IE 9 and IE 10. You are encouraged to consider upgrading to Edge or Google Chrome. 
  • Census 2020: April 1 was national ‘Census Day’ but you can still complete your survey by phone, mail or online. We encourage you to share this information on social media and with your students. More information about the census can be found at


  1. I’m 26 And Trying To Get My GED I Completed The 11 Grade And I’m Trying To Finish And Go To Collage

    1. Hi LuLani,

      We will provide updates about the online proctored option for the GED test when it becomes available.

  2. I am waiting to take the Math portion of the GED. I have passed all the other sections. Will it be possible to take the test online at any point?

    1. Hi Christopher,

      We are actively working to provide an online proctored version of the GED test. We will share additional information when it becomes available.

    1. Hi Dontavious,

      We will share additional information about the online proctored option for GED testing when it becomes available.

  3. Please let students test remotely. If they have the computer resources necessary, there has to be a way to let them test. If it can be done for the AP test, shouldn’t it be available for the GED? Thank you.

    1. Melinda
      I was saying the same thing , it’s must be another way .this is just a big hold up for us , unacceptable,

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