GED Program Updates

  • Save on GED Ready – Be sure to tell your students that from September 15 – 22, they can get 50%off. GED Ready with promo code SAVE50 at checkout, valid for single subject purchases and 4-subject bundles.
  • MythBuster – Some people in the education world have speculated there will be a new version of the GED Test in 2024 – NOT true! AT GED Testing we are continuously updating our content and looking at innovations to make the GED better suited to test takers but there will NOT be a new version of the GED in 2024.
  • ICYMI – Check out the recap of the GED Annual Conference in July 2023 with the theme “YouInspire” in this video. Also, Save the Date for next year: July 23 – 25, 2024 in Long Beach, CA.


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