GED® International Test Program Updates

The GED test program is growing internationally—helping students around the world earn their GED credential. 

In fact, students in more than 85 countries sat for the test in 2018.

Members of GED Testing Service recently traveled to two Asian countries to meet with current and prospective students to learn more about their experiences and motivations for earning a GED credential. We’ll use this additional information to better understand how to help students understand and better assist those students.

Internationally students utilize the GED credential almost entirely for entry into local and international universities, so we’ve also spent time talking with some universities and government officials.

Beyond our recent student research, we’ve been working with teachers and preparation programs in countries like Bangladesh, South Africa and Thailand. We’ve held professional development workshops to help teachers understand the program and prepare students for the test.

In 2019 we plan to share launch an updated international section on the website with an enhanced experience for students and preparation partners abroad. We also plan to share more international GED graduate stories there and in our U.S. communications as we welcome learners from across the globe into the GED alumni network.


    1. Please I’m a Ghanaian living in Lebanon now but i have 8montys to go home, can I take this test when I’m in Ghana please?

  1. hi, I am Nadine lynch and I have been doing the GED program for about a year now, I have my first GED test in April ( social studies) I am from South Africa 🙂
    and I am enjoying the study material even though I do it without going to class as there are no GED classes here in South Africa, so, I have to resort using free courses on the internet from youtube, for math lectures and using free old versions of the GED books in PDF form for extra practice. I’m autistic but try and work through this my way and in my own time, now my time is limited as most of our universities are now not accepting GED students from the end of December 2019 so, I have a limited time to what I have originally planned before this came into effect last year September 2018. If I get my GED before the end of December then I can apply for further studies in South Africa, but guess what I have my eyes set on Florida, USA.

  2. Will the GED test be offered in more than English and Spanish languages in the future? This could help so many more students pass the test, especially if the GED Testing Service will be offering the test internationally. I don’t mean for this comment to sound crude, but if typical video games are offered in many languages, why can’t the GED test be offered in more languages, such as French?

    1. Well the GED is a United States high school diploma equivalent. Can you graduate from an American high school in another language besides Enlgish? No. You have to learn Enlgish to graduate high school in America so it only makes sense that the GED should only be offered in English.

  3. My Child completed the GED last year in December, he has not yet received his Diploma certificate to date. He was told through an email that the certificate was sent through the international Post office until today. Please assist us with this regard.

  4. Is GED Testing Service talking to the government of Nepal? They have removed GED from the approved exam list. This is causing many problems.

      1. The government of Nepal removed equivalent status of the GED back in 2017. It would be good if GED Testing Service would help students who have been restricted in what they can do because they hold a GED. I have been working with GED students in Nepal for 11 years. Please contact me via email. I have requested help from GED Testing Service many times for many years and never received any help.

  5. Hello, I’m currently in tenth grade in the Honduran System of Education, my high school finishes at Grade 11, and I’m really not sure if universities will accept me without a 12 year old high school, if that is the case, will the GED grant me a US high school diploma equivalency, and will I need to do coursework or anything related.

    1. Hi Luis,

      The GED credential is a high school equivalency diploma and it is accepted at nearly every American university and college. You will need to successfully pass the GED test subjects to be granted a GED credential.

  6. Hi,
    My daughter would like to take the GED test in Costa Rica. How can we schedule for that?
    I tried calling the International Regional Registration Center (RRC) Prometric in Baltimore (they’re supposed to be in charge of Latin America and the Caribbean), but they didn’t know what I was talking about. They told me there was no GED testing and they needed the name of a test sponsor.
    Could you please assist us with this?

  7. Hi. Wanna know if i can apply to come to Canada get my GED and apply for college later on. I have a high school diploma for my country but passed in only four subjects. Want to continue with my studies so i go to college became a nurse.

    1. hello, did you succeed in your plans, I am planning to do the same. How was your journey you can contact me at @abdi_7399 ig


    1. Hi Nabeel,

      Requirements for admission vary based on the university. The GED credential is accepted by over 97% of American colleges and universities. We suggest that you reach out to the schools that you want to apply to for specific requirements.

  9. Hi
    I would like to launch a GED Prep Center in Karachi / Pakistan and have send emails in the past but it keeps directing me to Pearson and I have not received any reply from them either. Do let me know accordingly as I already have a local High school setup and in the process of launching a college in 2020. Would like to offer this as an additional course here.

    1. Hi!

      Thank you for your interest! We have shared this with our International manager and we will reach out by email with additional information.

  10. Good day to whom it may concern,
    Please I want to know, is there any GED partnership in Nigeria or Nigeria Tertiary institutions, if yes I would love to have their contact informations.

    Lucky Imuetinyan Ogboghodo.

      1. This is the Pearson Vue website that provides information on scheduling for Peason Vue, not a link to information about the International GED program.

  11. hello ,

    I have attended all my school years in Illinois but I ended leaving after I l finished sophomore year of high school . Recently I have been working in Turkey and saw that the GED test will be here in Turkey March 17th at the pearson VUE center here . They do not have classes so I will have to do my best if I pass this test in march will I get my High School Equivalency Diploma to be able to join a university here ? How long will it take for my diploma to arrive ? Could you please help with the following questions ? My main question is even though I have only fiinished sophmore year of high school if I take this test and pass the 4 subjects in one try will I be able to get my diploma

    1. Hi did u get admission in Turkish and pass the ged test or not if u get admission in Turkish university please tell me how u can get turkish high school from e denklik for GED because I want to get admission in Turkish university

  12. How can I find out whether my school is accredited, I’m from India and I want to know if any Indian schools or my school is accredited because I want to write my GED exams but I’m still enrolled in the program and it will take another year. I heard back from the GED support team and they said that my program would have to be not accredited but I don’t know to find that out.

  13. Hello,
    Am a Ugandan and I wish to sit for GED tests but I haven’t heard about the program in my country .what should I do to have prep classes and sit for the tests

  14. Hi,

    My son is in India, studying in 10th Standard and he will be traveling to USA under my H1B visa on B4 depend visa.

    Is it This GED program he can enroll?

    Please give more details for the same

  15. Hi, my boyfriend is currently a foreign exchange student from Italy and in his senior year of high school. His high school won’t allow him to receive a diploma so he wants to get the GED so he can stay in America for college. The problem is he doesn’t turn 18 until the end of August, yet he wants to attend college in America in 2020. Please get back to me on this because we have no idea what to do because all the rules are contradicting each other in his circumstances.

    1. Yes bilgi university İstanbul accept ged students may i know from which country u done ur ged if u need further information for admission uçan message me for help

  16. I have a friend in Nigeria that Ned his GED is there anyway he can take it online and what is the cost?

    1. Sure! You can register as international. But remember your minimum passing score is 145 out 200 for each subject. You can find more information online. To prepare you can got to a coaching center or prepare yourself.
      Thank you.
      Ged teacher
      Dhaka, Bangladesh

    2. The GED exam can only be written in two physical locations in Nigeria. Tell your friend to get in touch with Hi-Mark Academy for the prep class and courseware.

  17. hi, I am 34 years old. I have studied till grade 11th from Pakistan. so far I do not have any proof of completion of grade 11. At the moment i’m present in New Jersey USA, and i’m interested to give GED exam over here. Would the state allow me to give GED exam without the withdrawal document from the school office? and as i’m not in my country I wouldn’t be able to provide the approval from my previous school to take test or any other document regarding my previous education history?

  18. I want to take my GED In Mexico, when I go to schedule a test it says GED_INTL language : English. But I want to take it in Spanish. Is this the test in Spanish?

  19. Hi this Michael from Bangladesh. I have been teaching Ged for more 8 years. I want to give thanks from my heart to the Ged authority to allow the test for internationals. Surely, it would have been impossible for the drop outs to enroll university so quick without this test. Plus many students think A’ level is hard for them since many of them can not get grades as they expect and even many of them get failed. I am very much interested if you have any training programme for international teachers. This training would really help to prepare more students effectively.

  20. Hello Daniel,

    I am in Montreal and I am ready to pass my GED except the only centers that are opened and that I depend on are in Vermont 70 miles from my home but the frontiers are closed

    Could I qualify to take the GED online?

  21. Hello, how do we the requirements of the Commission stated below? We live outside the US and are non-US citizens. There is only 1 GED testing center in our country. Thank you.

    GED Exam Eligibility for Non-US Citizens:
    Non-citizens, including refugees, legal and illegal immigrants, resident and nonresident aliens, and other foreign nationals are eligible to take the GED Tests if they meet all of the requirements of the Commission and the State, province or territory, including requirements on age and withdrawal from school.

  22. I am from pakistan and i live in portugal can i take ged test online
    Because there is no testing centers here

    1. Hi he can do online prepation from Phuket pals thailand and register for ged exam in which city he live and after passing the exam he can get her equilancy from ministry of education thailand and get admission in Thailand university

  23. I live in Malaysia and I would like to take the test in Singapore for my test center is unavailable. Help is much appreciated. Thanks.

  24. Does international credential assessment service of Canada(ICAS) recognize GED as a high school equivalent diploma? Is it possible get assessment from ICAS for GED as equivalent to Canadian High school diploma?

  25. Does international credential assessment service of Canada (ICAS) recognize GED as a high school equivalent diploma? Is it possible get assessment from ICAS for GED as equivalent to Canadian High school diploma?

  26. Are there any test centers in Accra, Ghana? What are the options for countries with no test centers?

  27. I can’t find any information about ged students from Russia, as i can tell there aren’t any test centers in Russia yet but maybe there is an opportunity to pass the test online in this case, or in the testing center of another country? What are the requirements to pass the exams in this situation?

    1. Hi you can do prepation online and after prepation u can register for exam from Pearson Vue Russia and after passing the exam u can get equilancy paper with ged from ministry of education Russia

  28. Hello ! I finished my 10th grade in pakistan now I work at Saudia Arabia, I would like to take my exam so I can apply to go to USA. Can you tell me if its possible and if so what are my next steps are ? Can i take the GED exam online, what paper works I need to provide in order to take the GED test so I give you my paper work from 10th grade?

  29. Is there anyway of a Canadian to write there GED online or in the states online. Canada has scrapped the GED, but its the only way for an 18 year old to enter an apprenticeship.

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