Join the GED® Grad Week Celebration May 16-20th

Each year we hold GED Grad Week as a worldwide virtual celebration of GED graduates and their accomplishments.

Throughout the event, May 16th through May 20th, we will share GED success stories and motivational and congratulatory messages from educators, friends, family members, employers, and others in the GED community.

We know the important role of a supportive community in helping learners take the first step to earn their GED credential and helping them along the way. Many learners have shared that a family or friend was a motivating factor to get started. We also know that educators have a critical role in preparing learners with the knowledge they need to pass the GED subjects while being a constant source of support and encouragement.

GED graduates and their success are a testament to their hard work and commitment to the journey despite the obstacles that many face on their path to earning a credential. Every year learners from over 90 countries become GED graduates and use their diplomas to start jobs, advance their current careers, or enter college and career training programs. The GED credential is accepted at virtually all U.S. college and universities, and GED graduates can be found working in every career field.

Throughout GED Grad Week we will be giving GED graduates and their stories the spotlight they deserve. Please join us by sharing messages of congrats for your learners, words of advice for new graduates, and even personal stories about the positive impact the GED credential has had in your life.

There’s still time to join the GED Grad Week Facebook Group, where we will be sharing videos and posts, and you can engage with fellow educators and GED graduates. You can also follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and follow and use the hashtags #GED and #GEDGradWeek.


  1. Hello. Earning a GED to satisfy requirements to get a high school equivalency was only the beginning of a journey that I’ve enjoyed all the way. I passed my GED and currently serve as a Dean of a program with Adult Education classes including GED. I am not looking for accolades or recognition, at all. I am looking to encourage any and everyone to do their personal best to take the first step. Some people are afraid or intimidated by school because they don’t have want to fail again or they don’t have enough time outside of working and taking care of their families. My only encouragement is simply that you must have delayed gratification. You have to be able to see beyond today and lean towards the future. In most cases, getting an education that leads to a career will help resolve so many problems that are associated with not having a quality education. Start something. Finish something. Trust your first step leading to your future.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story, Lautauscha! Your journey is inspiring to many learners.

  2. Congratulations to my student Hussein for passing his last GED exam in July 2021 in Belgium! What a journey! What an educational adventure! What an inspiring story!

    Hussein’s long story in short:
    24 years old, para-swimmer, born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq,
    5th grade education
    learned to read and write Arabic at age 15
    learned English at age 19
    2015 came to Belgium as an unaccompanied minor refugee
    2016 started taking French lessons at a refugee learning center in Brussels
    2017 met a GED tutor (me) at the center and started learning English
    2018 started his GED adventure with the help of several volunteer tutors and USAHello
    2019 passed his first 2 subject tests (Science and Social Studies) in Lille, France
    2020 went online during COVID and passed his third subject test (English)
    2021 passed his fourth and last subject (Math) on his first try with his highest score!


    During our meetings, Hussein told us many remarkable stories about his life in Baghdad and about swimming in the Tigris River, and we taught him about the Mayflower and the seven continents. He talked about his dangerous journey to Europe and how he
    swam to shore with only one arm, and I taught him about adjectives, the Allies, the World Wars and how to write an introduction to an essay. We learned so much from one another and I admire you for persevering. You are a true firework!


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