Join the Celebration! GED Grad Day is May 14th

Tomorrow’s the big day! Join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of GED graduates around the world during a virtual celebration. 

We’re asking you to help us by posting congratulatory messages and success stories on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #GEDGradDay. If you didn’t have a chance to submit your videos to us you can still share them online.

You should also RSVP for this year’s event on Facebook where we will be sharing messages and videos all day to highlight the life-changing impact of the GED credential while celebrating the hard work of all of our graduates.

This year we’re asking graduates to share “what’s next” now that they’ve earned their GED or share what they pursued once they became a GED graduate. We know the GED is often the first step to entering a college or certificate program and the career of their dreams and we’re excited to share their success with others. 

In the spirit of celebrating the endless possibilities of GED graduates, we’re debuting a  commencement video that shares the story of Dr. Kira Burt, a physicist and professor who is a proud GED and PhD graduate. The video will also feature messages from adult educators and GED Testing Service, as well as success stories from graduates.

Be sure to RSVP to our Facebook event and we’ll see you online tomorrow for #GEDGradDay!


  1. OMG!!! What an accomplishment. I am so proud of each and everyone of you. Check this off your list, start thinking of your next steps. Consider attending a Technical or Community College to advance your skills and to aid pushing you into long lasting high wage careers. Again CONGRATULATIONS.

  2. Dear 2020 GED Graduates,

    Congratulations on passing your GED tests! It is not an easy task, yet it is a big milestone for you. Keep up the good work in your future. You have the determination and talents to do well and go far. I wish you the very best in life!

    To this year’s graduates from Lakeville, MN:
    (Ashley, Thavanh, Mark, Olga, Josh, Shelly, Malerie, José, Connor, Kacie, and Travis)
    I am so very proud of each and every one of you! You worked so hard to review your skills and pass your tests. I truly enjoyed having you as a student and watching you achieve your goals. You are amazing people, and the future looks bright for each one of you. Take care and have a fabulous future!
    With sincere best wishes, Joan Vievering, GED Teacher

  3. ¡Felicidades a todos mis estudiantes supersónicos! Muchísimas Gracias que estaban trabajadores y pueden terminar tu meta……ahorita, ándale pues……Ustedes no son las mismas personas quien entrarán en mi clase la primera vez meses o años pasados…Ustedes tienen sonrisas más grandes, están caminando mucho más erguido y están listos para cambiar el mundo

    Verna Rentsch, Professora de GED

  4. I would like to congratulate two of my students that passed their GED test . I am very proud of them both!
    Zandra Martin and Alandra Giggetts!!

  5. Horray!!! Let the celebration begin! And, the celebration of your accomplishment will continue throughout your life. YOU ARE A DREAM-MAKER, A DOER, An INSPIRATION!
    Congratulations to my students: Amber Coleman, Maida Jannat, Gina Palombi, Verrenia Bishop, Sherry Sprague, Zachary Scott, Dannie Soto, and Maricela Solano.

  6. Congratulations to all of the 16 students that have achieve another milestone in their life, their GED. As you each embark upon a new chapter in life know that your opportunities are limitless. We at Mt. Vernon Adult Ed are so proud of you each and wish you each well.

  7. Congratulations to all GED graduates!!!!!!! We know that this was your dream, and you have achieved it. Now you know that anything is possible and the sky is the limit.
    I would like to congratulate one of my students, Roy Lopez, for passing the GED. He is a hard worker, sets his standards high, and never gives up. Well deserved!!!!!

  8. Congratulations to all GED graduates! DPSCD Adult Education West has 20 GED graduates! We are so proud of you all! Now, you enter the next chapter in life! Just as you accomplished this, you will finish your next educational goals using the same motivation and will! I enjoy administering the exam to all of the candidates at the West Campus in Detroit, Michigan GED Testing Center! It was especially exciting to see you pass that fourth part! What JOY! Best Wishes to the Class of 2020!

  9. Congratulations to our first Adult GED passer in two years! Your teachers, classmates, and I are so proud of your accomplishment. No, it was not easy and it did not come without a lot of pushing, telephone call reminders, home visits, visits to your mom’s shop, and calls to your dad.

    Allison Luu, once you decided this was good for you, you jumped in with all your questions and queries to make this happen. We look forward to seeing you move forward in the medical field. We are certain that you will accomplish all the things you aspire to do.

    Keep up the great work and again, congrats!!!

  10. Congratulations to all the students who were able to surpass this bump in the road! You now have a clear path to a New Beginning!!

  11. Hola mis valientes del GED!
    Les habla la Maestra Ximena y un poco apenada por no poder hacerles la celebración que se merecen.
    Pero como dice el refran: “Al mal tiempo, buena cara”… ya vendrán tiempos mejores, donde nos podremos reunir y celebrar a lo grande!
    Como siempre lo he dicho: “El éxito tiene un solo gran secreto: dedicacion, dedicación y dedicación”.
    Y ustedes lo demostraron. Lograron llegar a la meta, con entereza, disciplina y mucho esfuerzo.
    Para todos ustedes, los heroes de hoy y de toda la vida (para sus hijos). Felicitaciones Clase del 2020!
    Ximena Thurman – Antartica Academy –

  12. Congratulations, All Of Florida, Sarasota, and All U.S. G.E.D. Grads! Today Belongs To You!!!!
    Greetings from Suncoast Technical College in Sarasota, Florida, and All The Best to Our Graduates as well. You Grads are ALL Awesome. I am so proud to be your Teacher. All My Best! Congratulations Again! And ¡ Felicidades !

  13. Congratulations to all of my students for their excellence in achievement. Congratulations Jasmine, Javier, Ashley, Porsha, Kimberly, Christina, Maria…and Ms. Perez favorite. God bless you. I hope your training is going well in San Marcos. Javier…hows the training going in Houston?

  14. Congratulations Hector Almanza!

    You have the determination to do whatever you set your mind to do!

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