Start the Celebration: National GED Grad Day Takes Place on May 16th

It’s graduation season and our annual virtual celebration of GED graduates is back on May 16th!

We’re calling for all GED graduates, current students, educators, and family members and friends of graduates to join our celebration via Facebook. This year we’re asking for everyone to share a personal message about how earning a GED is the “Start” of endless possibilities.

Getting a GED diploma is an exciting milestone for the over 100,000 students who successfully pass the exam each year. This “second chance” is the first step for many in their path to accomplish their personal, academic and professional goals. On GED Grad Day we want to celebrate the hard work of graduates while inspiring current test takers and others looking to start their own testing journey.

Here’s how you and your students can get involved in this year’s celebration:

  • Please print off the downloadable “Time To Start” poster and have it available for recent grads or existing students to fill out the statement using a Sharpie. What is filled in the blank should be personal and meaningful to each graduate and student.
  • Take a picture of the students with their poster and share it on your adult education center’s social media to congratulate them. Don’t forget to include the #GEDGradDay hashtag.
  • Make sure you tag the GED Testing Service Facebook page by typing @GEDTesting within your post (GED Testing Service – Home of the GED Program).
  • You should also write a message for your students on a poster and share your picture using the hashtag!



Let us know that you’re “attending” our virtual celebration by RSVP’ing on Facebook.

You can also check out the educator toolkit—it has sample posts you and your students can do to congratulate recent grads, encourage future grads and share a personal success story and goal. The toolkit also has the links to download the 8.5×11 or 11×17 “Time to Start” poster and more details about this year’s event.




    1. Hi Janet!

      Congratulations!! Most GED graduations are organized and held by adult education programs offering GED classes and/or testing. You are more than welcome to participate in the virtual GED Grad Day celebration that will take place next year.

    1. Hi Bessy,
      Congratulations!! We will have a virtual GED celebration later this year and we urge you to check with a local adult education program for details about graduation ceremonies.

  1. I was wondering if I go to another testing site and pass my ged can I be apart of a the graduating ceremony in another county. Same state just different counties or does it matter.

    1. Hi Rebekah,

      Please reach out to your local adult education program for details about their graduation ceremony requirements.

  2. I’m taking my GED class through Texas Workforce and I’m almost through. Was wondering if there’s a ceremony coming up for that and what are the details.

    1. Hi Karen,

      Congratulations! Please check with your adult education program for details about their graduation. We don’t hold a physical ceremony but recommend that you participate in our virtual GED Grad Day celebration. We will announce the date and how to participate soon!

    1. Hi Monica,

      We do not have a physical graduation ceremony. We advise you to check with your local adult education program for details about upcoming ceremonies.

  3. My ged class program doesn’t have a graduation ceremony. They just hand you your diploma and that’s it. I have 2 subjects left and I’m done hopefully by end of spring next year.

    1. Hi Beth,

      Best wishes as you complete your remaining two test subjects. You are always welcome to participate in our online GED Grad Day celebration next year.

  4. Are diplomas issued through the GED Testing Service or only transcripts provided? If not, I would presumed it’s up to each program to provide certificates of completion or diplomas. Am I correct?

  5. To have a GED Gradutation Ceremony its really excited! and at the same time, a great motivation for any student, first because its really amazing have decided to get GED, even we are in other stage of our lives! and most be wonderful to see our family there! that we got a goal!

    1. Hi,

      Our annual GED Grad Day event is an opportunity for graduates to celebrate their accomplishment. We also know that it inspires current students to begin or complete their GED journey. We will share this year’s date as soon as it becomes available.

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