GED® College Ready Graduates Succeeding in the Classroom and Workforce

In a survey of GED College Ready graduates, we found that a majority of students say the GED test program prepared them well for their current college program.

In 2018 GED Testing Service received over 4,300 responses to an email survey sent to GED graduates that scored in the College Ready or College Ready + Credit levels in one or more test subjects. From the survey results we were able to get better insight on the motivation behind getting the GED credential, what their education and professional goals are post graduation, their current employment or education status and their thoughts on the College Ready (CR) score levels.

Here are some highlights from the survey:

Postsecondary Education

  • 56% of CR GED graduates are currently enrolled in a college degree or certificate program
  • 57% of CR GED graduates listed “earning a four-year degree” as their current educational goal; 29% listed “earning a certificate/certification or associate degree” as their current educational goal


  • 71% of CR GED graduates are currently employed

GED Test Program/ College Ready Score Levels

  • 63% of CR GED graduates said the GED test program prepared them well for their current college degree program
  • 38% of CR GED graduates said they were aware of the GED College Ready score levels prior to taking the GED exam
  • 18% of CR GED graduates said they were able to use their CR scores to bypass college placement testing or remedial college courses

We are always looking to share success stories about College Ready GED graduates and we encourage adult educators to share the benefits of the CR score levels with your students as they prepare for the GED test.

Since the introduction of the score levels in 2016, more students are earning their GED credentials with the opportunity to earn credit for college courses, saving time and money as they work toward a degree or certificate.

To date we are aware of more than 200 colleges across 15 different states that have implemented policies to allow students at the CR level (165 or higher) to bypass all or part of their placement exams and be placed in credit-bearing courses–skipping remedial education. Some colleges are also awarding college credit for CR+ scores (175 or higher).

More information about the College Ready score levels is available here.


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  1. hi my name is preston brown I started my family young age and that kind of took my time to work instead of finishing my education now my kids older and now I want to try and get my ged now that I’m on disability os I realy don’t have the money for my ged so I need help to know to this preston brown. thankyou.

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