Hancock State Prison GED Graduation

Congratulations!! Hancock State Prison recently hosted a ceremony where 24 students from the Georgia Department of Corrections were recognized for earning their High School Equivalency Diplomas. 


  1. Congratulations, GED graduates! You’re beating the odds and setting an example for many. You must be proud of yourselves. Encourage others to do the same.

  2. omg I was Bless to see my son in a captain gown again was one of the best days of my life as a mother of five kids and to see your kids completed that course in their life is a wonderful thing, I cried the time I walk in the doors it was mine blowing to see it was decorated. I had a lovely time I got to meet the staff that put a lot into this day and so did the inmate put time into making it a wonderful day. I just hate that it had to be in here for the inmates to get their high school diplomas. I cried all the way home, Hancock work with the inmates to get their minds and heart together and to respect others as well. I will like to thank all the staff for the overtime and hard work that they give every day. they need a RAISE AND A BONUS. THEY SHOULD BE THEY RISK THEIR LIFE EVERY DAY TO HOLD THINGS DOWN. SO I SAY THEY NEED A RAISE. THEY HAVE KIDS FAMILY HOMES BILLS AND OTHER EXPENSES. INFLATION IS VERY HIGH THE COST OF LIVING IS SKY-HIGH OUT HERE AND NOT GOING TO GET TO TALKING ABOUT THE FOOD PRICES. YES THE HANCOCK STATE PRISON BAND WAS AWESOME.

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