Free Online GED Learning Program for Students

We’ve partnered with Kentucky Educational Television (KET) to offer free online GED preparation for all test subjects through June 30. 

Students will have free access to the FastForward online learning program for remote studying during COVID-19. This promotion is being offered to help students who are or have been unable to attend classes.

The study system, normally priced at $129, is free to all students with a account. To obtain access to FastForward students only need to provide a name and email address—no credit card is required.

The FastForward learning system is mobile-friendly and allows learners to access the lessons on a smartphone, tablet, or computer—anytime, anywhere they have an internet connection. 

Additional program highlights include:

  • Pretests students take at the beginning generate a study plan to help them skip what they already know and get right to the units they need most
  • Interactive lessons and videos with instruction across all four subjects and all GED test question types
  • Plenty of tips and practice throughout the program
  • Outreach by the GED team to offer guidance and support along the way

More information about this promotion can be found here:


  1. Great I am super excited to start studying i only need too pass four more parts too receive my GED. Thank You So Very Much For this studying opportunity.

  2. Excited about the option for more online learning from the KET, Fast Forward learning, for all my GED students. They have been waiting for more access to GED prep. Materials. Hoping they are checking their GED accounts, but will let them know this is available!

      1. Hi Paula,

        Yes, this program is available for any students preparing for the GED test subjects.

  3. Since the government has announced that the institute can be opened from 15 June,when can I join ged course and when is the new session is starting?.

  4. I would like to take my GED test as soon as possible how do I sign up to make appointment and who do I contact.

    1. Hi Albert,

      Students that are eligible for the Online Proctored GED Test pilot will receive an invitation by email. Students must meet the eligibility requirements and reside in a participating state.

  5. I have several students who are working in the KET FastForward Online Program in June.
    Is there a way that they can see the amount of hours they have worked online. Is is sent to the students after they finish an assignment which is generated by the test questions they missed.
    The students and would like to keep up with their hours while they are working at home do
    to COVID-19.
    Thank you for your assistance in tracking student hours in KET FastForward.
    Lenora McCrea
    GED Instructor
    Cobb County Adult Ed. Center
    Marietta, GA 30060

  6. Hello my name is Jennifer and I have a question so I’ll have all my credits from high school and I pass my standards test which is my math I passed it with a 597 but I didn’t pass my English and I need to take that exam, so is that option for me? I’ve been trying my hardest to find a option for me to take that exam because that’s all I need to do to get my diploma if you could help with that it would be amazing because I’ve been trying for a long time.

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