Corrections and the GED Test Program

This year we debuted a professional development track that addresses the specific needs of educators teaching and administering the GED test in correctional facilities.The sessions and workshops featured in the corrections track were created based on feedback and ongoing work GED Testing Service is doing to meet the needs of corrections educators and students.

Much of the feedback we’re receiving comes directly from the GED Corrections forum group. This panel consists of GED test administrators and educators that have monthly calls with GED Testing Service. During the calls our leadership, assessment and test operations teams, as well as state relationship managers, have the opportunity to get insight from those working in corrections. Participants share information about the challenges they face in the classroom and provide recommendations related to instructional resources and GED test administration.

This increased focus on corrections testing and professional development aligns directly with the improved outcomes we’re seeing across the GED test program and specifically with testers in corrections.

The GED credential is receiving more attention in this space as more national conversations are had about the positive impact education and workforce training has in reducing recidivism among offenders. We encourage you to share student success stories related to the GED and corrections as part of our ongoing effort to showcase the diversity of GED graduates and the life-changing impact of the credential.

In future InSession newsletters we will continue to share updates about corrections testing including national testing numbers.




  1. I have been working in corrections for 4 years. During that span of time, 48 male inmates in my class have gotten their GED. That is such a huge accomplishment for these men. They are so proud that they achieved this goal, for themselves and their families. The test has made a big difference in their lives and definitely has an affect on their recidivism rates.

    1. Hi Lara,

      We love to hear stories like this one! Earning a GED is empowering and we thank you for your dedication to helping change their lives.

    2. my son wants so very badly to get his g e d ,he has a learning disability and that’s going be hard enough ,he needs study guide ,where can I get free material for him to study and how can I get it sent to him ?please help

  2. Now that the spotlight has been rightfully placed on corrections testing, perhaps some of the residual light could be used to investigate halfway houses, where a large portion of the residents need their GED?

    1. Hi Judith,

      Yes, it is our goal to make sure all people in need of their GED have access to it and we will continue to find ways to reach all potential students.

  3. Corrections Instructors continue to have success stories with their students in spite of this GED Testing Service which provides far more challenges than necessary!

    1. Hi Sandra,

      We do acknowledge the challenges corrections educators face when teaching and administering the GED test. It is our mission to continue to work with you all to improve the experience and ensure that the students are successful.

    1. Hi Tammy,

      Thank you for your interest! Right now the forum is invite-only and participants have been confirmed but we do plan to expand in the near future. We will be sure to share when we have additional openings to join the group.

  4. Will this professional development be available for anyone who didn’t attend? I work for a drug rehab which is ran very similar to a correctional facility. I have been working here for just under three years and I have already helped 25 people pass all four of their GED exams and numerous others pass some of their exams. I am always looking for new ways to help my residents! Thank you for any help and information you can pass along.

  5. The Georgia Department of Corrections education department obtained over 3000 GED’s for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. Thank you for your continuous service in aiding our students to be successful. I taught previously at Dodge State Prison in Chester, Ga. ….we had 86 male graduates for 17-18….

    1. Hi Judith,

      Thanks for sharing this information! We have heard about the great things happening with GDOC and love hearing the success stories. Thank you for working so hard to help corrections students!

  6. Why is the GED so hard especially the math? There are some people who made bad decisions in their past by dropping out of school and have changed their lives now. It’s really sad I’ve been trying to pass the GED math for so long it’s so hard it makes people give up on life. I wish alabama had an alternative because the GED test is not made for everyone. I’m sure numbers don’t lie the GED test takers has dropped tremendously very very pricy too smh

  7. Hello,
    My brother is in a correctional facility in California and he really wants to get his GED but there is a waiting line of many years to get into the class at the prison. Is there a way I can print out the test material and mail it to him to complete and he can mail it back to a location to get graded? Or are there other ways in which I could help him get his GED in prison?

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