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How is GED Testing Service incorporating instructor feedback in the development of new products, study tools and professional development?

Great question. Direction, suggestions and feedback from educators are extremely important to us. We have solicited feedback from educators and students on every key service or potential tools we have or are planning to launch. For example, we created from scratch and then tweaked the tools and functionality for GEDPrep Connect multiple times based on educator feedback. In fact, GEDPrep Connect only exists because of the requests from educators for us to find more ways to connect prospective adult learners to preparation programs.

Another example is GED Live. This new tool was identified and scoped out after a survey with adult educators about their interest and use of online learning tools to supplement instruction. We then tested the potential of GED Live with educators and students before launching a version available to students who chose not to connect yet with an in-person program.  And, during the past 4-5 months we have been running GED Live pilots with adult education programs across the U.S. to gain additional feedback from teachers in order to create a version that could work to assist adult education programs by providing supplemental instruction to students in a live and flexible format.

On the professional development front, we continue to create more resources for instructors based on feedback and on the student performance data we see on the GED test. We continue to welcome your ideas and thoughts on professional development.

And finally, we frequently hold focus groups with educators to test new concepts, new tools and new potential services to help them and students. This summer you’ll see a new website for the GED program. Educators have told us that navigating both and can be cumbersome, so we’ll be unifying the sites under the url. We’ve been hard at work on this and have done a lot of user testing with test-takers and with educators to be sure the navigation, organization and content will deliver on what you expect.

We take your feedback seriously and we seek it out, so be sure to take the time to respond to any emails from us asking for your feedback during a focus group or individual feedback session.

CT Turner, Senior Director of State Accounts & Government Relations for GED Testing Service


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