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What is the best way for students to request transcripts and duplicate diplomas?

On the updated website we have a webpage dedicated to “Grads and Transcripts” with information related to transcript requests. Students that earned their credential in 2014 or later can log into their accounts and request their transcript.

Students that earned their GED credential before 2014 will need to select the country and state they resided in when they earned their credential and the site will connect them to the appropriate credentialing service.

Some states/jurisdictions only allow graduates to order a transcript; others may offer diplomas and certificates too.


  1. I would like to get a copy of my certificate and transcripts. My number I 4044534795. I graduated in 1979from Richmond OIC.

  2. I RECEIVED MY GED before 2014. I went to the official site,” Request Your Transcripts,” Clicked on the state, and wild brings right back to the same page.. How do I get my Transcript. I call the community college, they don’t handle Transcripts anymore.

  3. I am trying to get a copy of my GED certificate, I got my GED in 1992 or 1993 in Oklahoma and could not receive a copy at that time because I was not 18yrs or the year that my class was suppose to graduate. I have not needed it before now but I have to go back to work and I found a job and have been hired but can not start work till I provide them with a copy but I don’t have the money to pay for it….PLEASE, Someone help!!!!

  4. I get many requests for duplicate GED’s. There was a form I was able to print and give to those who needed it. Did that aspect change and all requests must be on-line? This does not work for correctional settings. Offenders do not have open internet access. Can you tell me if the form is still available and where I can get it, please. Thank you.

  5. Yes I need a transcript for my ged in Texas to be able to get on my with the union . The union needs to know the step that they have to take in order to get a copy for their records. Could you send me steps for them to take so they will be able to get it.
    Thank you

  6. Some one recently told me that if you took your GED test before 1989 your transcripts cant be retrieved and that we would need to contact a third party to retrieve them. Is this true? If so is it a National thing or a State by State basis?

  7. I need a duplicate copy of my actual GED and my transcripts. I lost the originals I graduated in 2011 I live in New Jersey

  8. I got my GED back in 1978 and never got a certificate since I never had a need for a copy I got a certificate at a technical school for Legal secretary but I am now wanting a copy and moone seems to be able to find it..what can I do

  9. I need a duplicate copy of my GED. I lost the originals I graduated in 2000. I LIVE IN Los Angeles CALIFORNIA

  10. I passed all subjects last 2 days , and I haven’t received the email to download my e transcript yet. Can you check that for me?

  11. I got my GED in 1987 at Lower Columbia College in Longview, Washington. I am needing a copy for employment but it is not showing I have one and I did receive one and did pass the tests. Can I file a complaint against the school for negligence for not forwarded my transcripts. Due to this I am not able to get hired and this is not right! It’s humiliating and embarrassing! I worked hard to get my GED and should not have to be going through this. I would appreciate if you could give me some advice on what to do.
    Thank You!
    Connie (Honga) Schlensig

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